Collaboration of Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management

Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management announced in October of 2015 that they were forming an active partnership in Korea. Through mutual cooperation, the two companies will develop investment strategies for institutional and retail investors in Korea.

Under the agreement, Capital Group will help the Samsung Management team to become familiar with Capital’s “active management style” and know how, within the areas of business management and client management.

What is Capital Group’s “active management style”? It is a collegiate style of management where individuals within the management team takes parts of the total portfolio. This style of management helps to protect the company from “stars”, who through their ultimate success moves to another company or the untimely death of an individual within the management team.

A Samsung Asset Management spokesman from it’s Seoul-based offices stated that the partnership with Capital could help lead the way for the company to become recognized as one of the top three of Asia’s home grown management companies by 2020.

Timothy Armour, CEO of Capital, looked at the broader picture of the partnership by stating that it was his hope that the co-design of investment solutions could offer Korean investors savings, retirement and insurance needs.

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In April of 2016 Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management announced the co-development of asset management products to the Korean market. This 2016 announcement is the first results of their collaboration together since they announced their partnership in October of 2015.

The firms launched six targeted retirement funds to the Korean market. The targeted, retirement dates years are 2020, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045. According to this joint collaboration , these funds will be managed 30 years past the retirement date. This will ensure investors that they can maintain a single fund over their lifetime.

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Though at the time of the announcement in April, Samsung Asset Management showed only a specified $6.6 million in assets. However, with the recent regulatory change lifting the amount of retirement funds that could be invested in equities from 40% to 82%, management believes there is a strong possibility of growth in the future.

Moreover, the two companies feel that the eventual shift from growth-oriented equities to income-oriented equities that are suitable to Korea, will be their eventual path in the future.

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Is The Hallmark of Leadership

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the best and most recognized title clearing and data processing companies, as recognized by retail banking and mortgage companies. The success of any abstract or title companies lies in its customer service and accuracy policies as the mortgage business has to have reliable and extremely accurate documents to conduct business.


Nationwide Title was formed in 1991 and is located in Palm Harbor, Florida in a five-building compound which houses over 450 employees. The training that the employees receive is one of the extraordinary factors for the company’s successful history and why clients regard Nationwide with such esteem.


Upon hire, the employee receives a very thorough and complete training that pertains to the specific duties which will encompass the work in which the new hire will be involved. As an employee gains experience, he or she will have the opportunity to move up in the organization. There are over 100 additional training modules which can be accessed by employees. There are roughly 50 different positions where employees can aspire to gain, and each module qualifies a worker for more responsibility. Nearly have of all the staff at Nationwide are involved in some manner of training at all times.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has access to every county in the United States, enabling a thorough and complete search capability. Whether searching for an abstract, a copy of a title, or any other manner of property record, Nationwide will be able to find what is needed at the county level, where the majority of these records are stored.


In the event a record is lost or destroyed, there are other means of ascertaining the validity of any record, which is a great asset that the company can rely upon. Another asset which is a great convenience to customers is the system that can deliver copies of documents in a most timely fashion to clients who need them right away. Leins, conveyances, title clearances, lien verifications, tax status reports and collateral files are available in a speedy fashion, cementing the customer service capabilities to the client’s needs.


As CEO John Hillman recently stated in an industry-wide podcast, “Compliance is a much-discussed topic in the title industry today.” He went on to say that the best way to improve compliance is for the companies to set their standards to the highest mark, and then publicly demonstrate their results.


That is precisely what Nationwide Title Clearance has done, and that is also why Nationwide has received honors as the Tampa Bay Times top 100 most desired place to work for the past several years in a row.

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The Dynamic Duo of Leadership in Dr.Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare management corporation. They are the leading providers for the plan holders of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. InnovaCare Health is committed to using the most current and advanced technology on that is cost effective and fully integrated to provide their patients with sustainable quality. The InnovaCare chose ethe best of the best for their leader.

Dr. Richard Shinto is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. Dr. Shinto earned a Bachelor of science degree from the University of California at Irvine.He continued his studies at the State University of New York where he obtained his medical degree. He then went to the University of Redlands and graduated with an M.B.A. he has authored several articles on medicine and healthcare. Dr.Shinto began his career in medicine as a pulmonologist in Southern California. Later he served as the Corporate Vice President of Medical Management for MedPartners on Microsoft. He left there to become the Chief Medical Officer for Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County, California. Continuing to excel, Dr.Shinto joined the Medical Pathways Management Company as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer. His career then took him to a new position of Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California. Dr.Shinto also served as CEO of Aveta Inc.While employed there, Dr. Rick Shinto, M.D. received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year award. He has served well over 20 years in various executive positions in managed care. Dr.Richard Shinto currently serves in the position of CEO of InnovaCare’s Health Plans in Puerto Rico.

Another shining star in the leadership of InnovaCare Health Plans field is none other than Penelope Kokkinides. This true leader is a force to be reckoned with. She has a long history of work ethics and successes that have her signature mark on them.Penelope Kokkinides started out earning a degree in biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University on She received her master’s degree in social work from New York University. She quickly entered into a post-master’s program advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse, of which she completed. Then she studied public health at Columbia University School of Public Health and obtained her master’s degree from there. Penelope Kokkinides was hired at Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice, a business unit of UnitedHealth Group. There she served as Corporate Vice President.She continued her tenure as the Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health HMO, Inc. Penelope Kokkinides has healthcare experience of over 15 years where she specialized in government programs and the managed care industry. Ms. Kokkinides has also served as the Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc. She currently is the Chief Operating Officer at InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC.

With a dynamic duo like Dr.Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at the helm, the ship is bound to never go astray and will certainly reach their desired destination in the medical and health fields. See:

Seventeen Million Awarded to Whistleblower

While few people truly want to put themselves out on the line and become a SEC whistleblower, based on the fact that there is a huge amount of turmoil that can come as a result, the plight of a whistleblower has become a lot less rocky. Six years ago, the Securities Exchange Commission enacted the whistleblower program, which lays out a bunch of protections for anyone that makes the decision to become a whistleblower. The basis of these protections are against any backlash from a company that may be getting exposed for corruption. This is extremely important to any potential person coming forward with this type of information, as many whistleblowers in the past have received a lot of intimidation and harassment from their employers, who were on the hook and being exposed. Not only are whistleblowers now protected from these types of things, but there is a great deal of money that can now be awarded to anyone that comes forward with information, which leads to sanctions against a company or organization. For example, if a person decides to shed light on something that is corrupt and sanctions are levied against that business or organization, the whistleblower will then be able to receive up to thirty percent of the overall sanctions. The SEC ends up saving a huge amount of money when these types of people come forward, while they are also cleaning up corruptio and providing protection and monetary incentives to whistleblowers.

The road may be a lot easier for whistleblowers, but in order to have a smooth case, obtaining an SEC whistleblower attorney is absolutely vital. There are plenty of lawyers out there that deal with a wide variety of cases, but finding an SEC whistleblower lawyer that works directly with these types of cases, day in and day out is crucial. There are so many people that have started coming out as whistleblowers these days that attorneys and even entire law firms have started to take on these cases full time. Because of this, you can get yourself a huge advantage by finding a lawyer that only deals with whistleblower cases. A recent case paid out seventeen million dollars to a whistelblower that decided to come forward, making this the second largest amount of money paid out. While seventeen million dollars may seem like a massive amount of money for this type of thing, the program has only been in force for a period of six years, so there are likely going to be many more huge payouts in the future. Jordan A. Thomas was able to get his client a huge amount of money in this instance, but you can bet there are more settlements to come.

The making of Madison Street Capital

The making of an Investment Giant


Business is becoming very competitive in all sectors every day. Many firms in the same industry usually offer similar products to the ones offered by their competitors. The only difference between the product is not the basic concept but the way it is tailored to attract the clientele.


Many organizations are coming up with strategies aimed at making them world beaters when it comes to offering goods and services. As a result, innovation is critical to provide the gap between two competing firms. Organization leadership is also key to its success as many investors only get interested in investing in an organization that has strong leaders. Strong leaders guarantee returns to investors.


The firm is one of the leading international investment banking organization in the USA. The organization is one of the chief financial advisors in the USA. The organization is a major power broker when it comes to offering firms with information about management, financial advice, information on mergers and acquisition, issues about valuation when it comes to purchasing other business.


Madison Street Capital’s influence has been instrumental in many organizations mergers and acquisition. Under the leadership of its strong management, the organization has power brokered significant mergers and acquisition. Recently, the firm was heavily involved with Dowco acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. some of the achievements of Madison Street Capital have not escaped the public eye. The organization is gaining ground as one of the leading financial advisor and power brokers in the country.


Madison Street Capital’s reputation have been bolstered by the group nomination in the prestigious 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Such a nomination does not surprise many as the resume of the organization speaks for itself. 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards is an equivalent of the Grammys Awards, and only the excelling companies get their names on the list. As a result, the shareholders of the organization together with the management have themselves to thank as the journey has been long coming.


The Chicago-based organization that has excelled in various areas which needed recognition. The awards honor firms that have made a major contribution to the financial industry I the area of the financial sector, being involved in making excellent deals as well as coming with strategies aimed at restructuring ad facing other organizations.

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Thor Halvorssen – Human Rights Activist like no other

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist extraordinaire. He is the founder of the Human rights Foundations and the Oslo Freedom Forum which is a one of a kind unification forum for human rights activists and hailed by The Economist the greatest of its kind.

He works almost round the clock, depending on medication to get him some sleep. Medication that doesn’t seem to be doing its work properly.

Born to distinguished and well respected parents with not a worry in the world, Thor Halvorssen has seen his father being imprisoned and mother being shot for no faults of their own. He knows how suffering changes humans and you know that he does when he says. “I love humans”.

The most recent passion that he and his comrades share at the Human Rights Foundation is to free the North Korean people from the tyranny of the Kims. This is a task that even the strongest in the world will not think of taking without a second thought. Read more: Thor Halvorssen – Crunchbase

After all, a movie mocking the dictator found it hard to hit the theatres across the world. But Thor Halvorssen is no everyday activist. There has been an assassination attempt on him already, but Thor wouldn’t care. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

He is different than other run of the mill activists in the way he talks and the way he operates. He would send balloons full of leaflets to North Korea, he would not miss the chance to take a celebrity to task if so he deserves and he and his team would hack the websites of human riots violators, especially the North Koreans.

To his friends and comrades, Thor is not a speaker but a doer. He was an active participant in the balloon event mentioned above. He personally went to the North Korea border to inflate large hydrogen balloons, fill them with anti-Kim material and send them hopefully to people in North Korea.

Thor is not the one who, being the founding leader, would strategize and let his men do the work. He will take it upon himself to be in the thick of the action. No wonder he is unable to sleep, there is so much to do!

Ground-Breaking ClassDojo

Technology has impacted human beings in all aspects of life. Technology is seen in almost every workplace, in schools, in hospitals, in financial institutions, among other places. Major innovations have happened in the use of technology to advance the education of school-going children. An article published on 15th, April 2016, on Tech crunch website showed an example of what technology has done in the education system.

The article discussed a funding by classDojo, a communication platform that mainly engages teachers, parents, and students to improve school performance. It gave a funding of 21million dollars in support of an application that aims to eliminate the time teachers and parents spend in solving issues of their children. The application would enable educators and parents to keep in touch and monitor performance of the children at school.

The regular communication would be a major step as parents would be updated on what happens each day, week, month or year with their children. Initially, these updates are only done once per semester. According to the editorial, the two co-founders of classDojo, Mr. Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, the funding is aimed at growing the company. They also aim to do more research on the kind of features and contents that would be useful and relevant to the parents and teachers.

One of the founders said that the app should be able to guide parents on the type of conversations they should have with their children after school, in order to enhance the development and general learning of the children. Teachers can let parents know of the school schedules, take photos and videos of children as they take part in the school activities.

About classDojo
Founded in 2011, the company’s main mission is to give parents, educators, and learners the opportunity to change learning from the ground up. Today, the platform is used by at least 2 out of 3 schools in the United States, and in other 180 nations around the world.
ClassDojo creates a community of teachers, students, and parents, who are connected and empowered to make the necessary changes in the education sector. The application creates a community connected by a shared belief that education can only be improved if they work together as one force and create a positive culture with classrooms and schools. In short, classDojo has helped teachers and parents to bring nearly all progressive initiatives in education easily into the classroom in ways that are appealing to the students.

Scientists Gaining Significantly From The Wessex Institute

The Wessex Institute of Technology has been helping scientists to better communicate for several decades now. The institute was established in 1986 and has been hosting conferences since then in order to bringing the scientific community closer together. Every year the institute hosts more than 20 different conferences. One of the conferences that was organized in 2015 was the materials characterization conference. It was the seventh of its kind to happen and it was mainly concentrated on computation experiments and methods in materials characterization. It was held towards the end of April in Valencia, Spain. There were invited presentations on different subjects from Professor Derek Northwood from the University of Windsor in Canada and Professor Kazuto Tanaka, who is from Doshisha University in Japan. In addition to talks by Tanaka and Northwood, the conference also covered cementitious materials and corrosion problems.

How Intelligent Lighting is paving the Way for Internet of Buildings

LED lights are the cutting-edge technology in energy effective lighting. LED is a semiconductor device, which transforms electricity into light. These solid-state lighting devices have revolutionized the way people light the world by phasing out traditional sources across each section of the worldwide lighting market. Billions of sockets are expected to be operational over the next couple of years.

This transition has triggered a fresh phase of LED adoption – the contest to connect every socket. The risks will be high for both the vendors and consumers. Qualities such as ubiquity, power access, and network connectivity make intelligent lights an ideal platform for introducing the Internet of Things (IoT). The race to own sockets is a competition among vendors to see who will be in charge of IoT’s infrastructure across the built environment.

Away from simple illumination, the Internet of Buildings created on top of cutting-edge lighting systems will entirely change the way people interact with the places in which they live. For instance, biometric sensors will specialize in tracking students’ alertness, slightly shifting spectrum to enhance their focus automatically when it begins to decrease. Additionally, the lights around your building will be intelligent, deciphering data produced by your wearable devices – utilizing light to de-stress you after a long and tiresome day.

About Gooee

Gooee is the founder of the world’s first fully integrated operating platform that links lighting manufacturers to the IoT. It focuses on designing, production, and supplying hardware, software, as well as data management components. Gooee offers ASICs (sensing), real-time control, Wireless Interface Modules and API management platform to control metering and smart lighting products. The company has a team of experienced LED and Semiconductor professionals.


Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology is one of the leading educational and research institutes in Europe. Offering intense research-based programs, it aims to promotes collaboration between students and industry professionals. Established in 1986, the institute is located in the picturesque New Forest National Park, in Southern England. As a leading alternate education institute, Wessex Institute of Technology specifically focuses on research, conferences and publishing. For those interested in long-term accommodation, there are a number of on-site residential units, which also offer recreational and outdoor sports facilities.


For students who want to earn degrees in specialized fields, the institution offers short courses and postgraduate studies in a variety of fields. Students enrolling in postgraduate programs are also encouraged to take short courses, most of which can be credited towards professional certification. Studies and short courses are conducted at Ashurst Lodge, which also serves as the main campus of the institute.


Besides education and formal training, Wessex Institute of Technology is well-known for its research initiatives. As such, research activities cover a number of fields that includes environmental, electromagnetics, ecology, fluid mechanics, building structure , damage tolerance and many other subjects. In fact, the research undertaken by its students is acknowledged by some of the leading institutions in the United Kingdom. For instance, many former postgraduate students are currently serving premier educational institutes including Imperial College of London.

Conference & Seminars

Another landmark initiative of the institution is sponsorship and development of major conferences on a variety of subjects. Almost all of these conferences are recognized as major events that provides chance for students to interact and network with the most prominent visionaries in their respective fields. In 2016, the institution will hold 14 major conferences around the world. These will promote topics ranging from Islamic Heritage Architecture to Sustainable Tourism and Heat Transfer.


The institution also oversees the highly acclaimed WIT Press. For more than 30 years, the press is publishing journals, e-books and other scientific literature. Currently, five international scientific journals are produced by WIT. To cover sales in North America, the press owns an independent facility in Billercia, near Boston.

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