Bridget Scarr Speaks On Colibri Studios

Bridget Scarr is a well-traveled writer and creative producer. Bridget has been successful for developing content across a variety of platforms. Through television, digital content, virtual reality and other mediums, Bridget Scarr’s work has resonated with audiences both intellectually and emotionally.


Bridget is also a seasoned executive producer and has over 15 years of production in advertising, television, and animation. Bridget has managed the creative and technical output of both small and large teams in numerous genres.


As of present, Bridget works on content development, strategy, and partnerships at Colibri Studios. Recently Bridgett sat down to share her experiences and thoughts on her journey.


What Was The Motivation For Colibri Studios


I was a television producer in my previous career. This required me to spend a lot of time working to bring other people’s ideas to life. I later became more interested in the creative aspects of content creation. From there the idea for Colibri was born. I needed a place where I could bring all of my own ideas to fruition under one umbrella. Colibri is that place for me.


What Is A Typical Day Like For You


A day for me begins with meditation. This allows for me to begin each day with renewed energy and focus. I usually share a light breakfast with my family before commuting to the office. I take a moment to focus on the day’s objectives and then work until around noon. I eat lunch with my family every day. Lunch is the main meal for my family and also provides us with quality time together. My afternoon work schedule is much more flexible than in the morning. I take the time to return emails, read, or even watch television.


What’s An Exciting Trend For You


Virtual Reality. There is a push now to use VR technology in many positive ways. Education, healing, there is even the possibility of granting a dying patient their last wish. Personally, I am most excited about what VR can mean for education. This technology seems perfect for museums, allowing for them to create new types of exhibits.


What Habit Makes You Most Productive As An Entrepreneur


I mentioned meditation. Meditation is very important to me. I also try to nurture my creative spirit. But some time I just take a time out. Taking a moment to laugh and play with my son really keeps me grounded by reminding me of what is truly important to me.


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OSI Industries Successfully Expands Their International Network

Do you ever wonder where your food comes from when you’re eating at a restaurant, or food market? OSI Industries is one of the top food processing networks in the industry with their central headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Their commitment is a top food brand trusted by millions of families, and food service providers worldwide. Their International growth has been a successful part of their expansion initiative. The United States and Asia have been an example of their successful partnerships in the food industry. They have led a successful international campaign, for food that is committed to governmental regulations. OSI Industries was willing to conform to the set standards of the food industry without violations.

Sheldon Lavin, is the proud CEO of the OSI Industries food network, and David McDonald is their president. They have successfully worked together to achieve international expansion. They play a key role in the leadership, daily operations, and growth of OSI. Lavin says, is moving his company forward internationally with popular food service prospects in Spain, and India. OSI is working to also become a stronger dosmetic partner in the food service industry. Their food service network currently has over 247,000+ employees. Their size does not stop them from having a personal relationship with the communities, and families they serve.

They European partnership is under the Flagship brand, and OSI will be operating their frozen poultry, pie, and condiments food assembly please production lines. This is also an opportunity for their Europe based network to grow, and take part in a unique business opportunity. They also operate from a Chicago based plant that was being bid on by Tyson foods for $7.4 million dollars. OSI was able to win the bid, and help thousands of workers retain their current position.

They want their customers to know where their food is coming from, and trust they’re getting the top food brand in the industry. They rest at number fifty eight on the Forbes List with over $6.1 billion in revenue with an increased annual growth. They process poultry, fish, vegetables, meat patties, hotdogs, and bacon. They were one if the first in the industry to take part in a stablized food industry. OSI continues to stand out as a competive food processing provider. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details on their international expansion, leadership team, and employment opportunities available through their worldwide food processing network.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: The Bradesco Grown CEO

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who is the current president of Ban Bradesco bank was born on October 6, 1951, in Marilia. He graduated from the University of Sao Paulo’s school of sociology and politics with a postgraduate degree in socio-psychology. Known for his soft humorous talk, Trabuco is married with three children.

He started his career at the Banco Bradesco at a tender age of 18. With a humble clerk position, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi remained a simple but a dedicated worker. With a lot of effort and persistence was later elevated to the post of a marketing director, a position that took him 15 years to accomplish.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi replaced Marcio Cyprione who left because the Bradesco status does not allow presidents above the age of 65. This made Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi at 57 years come to a position where your opinions and actions are highly valued in the business world and often find their way into daily papers and magazines.

The work Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi of got high recognition in 1999 when he was appointed as the executive vice president of Bradesco Seguros. During his tenure, the market share of the company rose from 23% to 25% of the total premiums. The profit contribution from the insurer was remarkable as it shifted from 26% to 35% making it the largest company in Latin America in the insurance sector. During this period, the company doubled its size and at the same time building a strong leadership structure in the enterprise. Four years later Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed as the president of the company where eight other companies such as Bradesco Saude and capitalizacao were under him. In 2003, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi won personality of the year award thanks to his great work at the Bradesco group Insurance and pension Plans Company.

In a company with over 60 years since founded, Trabuco became the fourth president after Amador Agular who was also the founder of the company, Lazaro Brandao and Cypriano. Be it known that Lazaro Brandao served as the board chairman and was a key player in the nomination of Trabuco as the president. Having stayed at Bradesco for so long, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has the traditions and culture of the company, and it was not that difficult to decide on appointing him. In fact, competitors once described Bradesco as the home of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

He assumed the presidency position at a time when the level of activity was drastically going doing down. This implied that loan operations were to go down thus to have a direct impact on the profitability of the company. By staying active and applying his expertise and wisdom, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi managed through this period in 2009. The financial sector was however not favorable in Brazil only in in many parts of the world. As opposed to what the founder of Bradesco said that the company should offer equal services to all its clients, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi introduced an exclusive agency called Bradesco Prime which provides specialised services to high-income customers. This moves aimed at encouraging these customers to continue seeking services from them.

Among other awards and honors received by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi include: insurance person of the year (2006), Title of meritorious citizen of Marilia (2009), won the Don Quixote trophy in 2009, won the award of Entrepreneur of the year in the finance category in 2015 and 2016, Forbes magazine listed him in the Top CEOs in Brazil. He also chairs several boards and a member of several more such as the strategic committee of Vale SA.

Unlike many business leaders who have excellent grades in economics, commerce or management Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who is a sociopsychology graduate has vast experience in marketing, banking, insurance and general management. His prowess is visible as he rose through the ranks from a small position to the top of the organisation. He employs persistence in his career till he gets the final result.

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The future depending on the Internet of Things

Jason Hope went to Arizona State University where he obtained a degree in finance. He also earned an MBA from the college’s W.P Carey Business School. During the beginning of his career, Jason developed a mobile communication firm and currently focuses on investing in startups, biotechnology as well as philanthropy.

Hope can be seen around Scottsdale while mentoring various high school students in addition to developing grant programs for entrepreneurs.

Jason Hope has a dedicated interest in politics as related to business along with his philanthropic initiatives throughout the state of Arizona as well as nationwide.

With a passion for and clear comprehension of technology, Jason Hope has earned a reputation as a skilled futurist. He uses the knowledge he has acquired throughout his experiences to watch the industry and make predictions of technology concerning the future.

Basing on the present technology trends, Jason has a firm belief that the power of the Internet of Things may be a vital player as much as the future of the modern society is concerned. Furthermore, the growing number of devices becoming connected devices is a spicing on the cake.

The modern business, as well as individuals looking for the best available ways to capitalize on that technology in their day to day activities, may find Hope’s advice and insights about technology extremely helpful.

Getting a business idea off the ground is a very daunting task for young entrepreneurs and students. Jason notes that many young minds have fantastic views although the state of the economy does not allow them to save sufficient money to get started.

Indeed, Jason’s hand in supporting the budding entrepreneurs begins by taking in business ideas through his official website. He then picks the most interesting ideas because the future of technology relies on the best ideas that young aspiring minds come up with them.

He says that his typical day starts with a healthy breakfast followed by some physical activity. Without a doubt, he has a daily routine of checking emails, social media accounts as well as messages. He then takes periodic breaks from the computer to maintain composure. For more info about us: click here.

Jason is the guy who likes’s to bring his ideas to life by first starting on some basic level of thinking. Indeed, he knows very well that over-complicating ideas may waste time and encourage failure. Also, Hope communicates his ideas with people that are very close to him to get feedback. Every single project or task he works on is one step at a time.

The fact that Internet of Things is becoming feasible excites Jason Hope. There are many great products already lined up to be released, and it will not be long before every household in the developed world depends on IoT devices.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Not Afraid to Compete with Amazon

The online apparel market is littered with businesses who thought they could compete with Amazon on one level or another. Regardless if you lower your prices or increase customer service, Amazon simply continues to make 20 percent of all the online apparel sales year after year. One company is not afraid to go after the retail giant, and they are closing the gap faster than anyone could have predicted. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics not only is moving to pass Amazon in sales of women’s active-wear, they are looking to build on their $250 million in sales they accomplished in only three short years.


When Hudson was asked to share some of the secrets to the success of her athleisure brand, she gladly talks about only two aspects of her company, reverse showrooming and her membership perks plan. Hudson says by focusing on these two areas, her company has been able to bridge the gap to Amazon faster than any could have imagined. Look at what is happening inside the Fabletics retail shops in any mall, you see women of every size and age trying on all the workout apparel, window-shopping, and even taking the Lifestyle Quiz offered by the company to enhance membership perks.


To the surprise of the competition, many shoppers actually leave the store without busing anything. Hudson says that is just fine!


The reason shoppers leave the Fabletics retail stores empty-handed is because they know each of the pieces they wore inside the store was instantly uploaded to their online account. That means they can continue on with their busy day, then hit the online site and just keep shopping. Since they now know how each piece fits, they can shop confidently and grab new colors, styles, or arrivals, and fill the cart with far more than they would have considered buying at the mall.


The Fabletics customer is being pampered every step of the buying process, and it has certainly been a key to the explosion in growth of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Each member is given free shipping for all their online orders, they are offered preferred member discounts throughout the year, and they even get the assistance of their very own personal shopping assistant. This is no ordinary shopping experience, Hudson has found a way to keep the customer engaged and happy either in the mall or at the online site.


Amazon and eBay are not set up to pamper in this manner, part of the reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is poised for big things this year.

David McDonald; the Accomplished OSI Group President

David McDonald is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the food processing industry. David; the OSI Group president was born in Iowa state where he grew up. David attained bachelor’s degree in animal science at Iowa State University way back in 1987. With hard work and great entrepreneurial skills, he has been working with OSI group which is one of the biggest in meat and food processing industry. On top of that, David is the chairman of the North American Meat Institute and a director at OSI International Foods.

OSI Group is based in Aurora, but it has grown and opened many subsidiary branches all over the world. The company mainly deals with protein based foods, pizza, beef patties, and sandwiches. With David Mcdonald’s effort, the OSI company grown globally and continued to satisfy their customers’ tastes. He has used a local-solution strategy to expand the company.

McDonald helped the OSI group open eight factories in China. This was very strategic as China has been the largest consumer market due to its large population. With new facilities and strategies, David believes that China will be the biggest producer of poultry soon. OSI group in 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, provided 113 tons of five types of food; chicken, eggs, pork, beef and processed onions.

McDonald has ensured that in their operations, they have to use a management that understands local culture and what customers locally want. This helps in developing local strategies that perfectly address the local customers need. Therefore, developing products that will be absorbed locally easily and fast. This ensures sustainability as products they produce are preferences of the local clients. David ensures that the company is adaptable to change so that it can remain relevant in the meat and food processing industry.

OSI Group has acquired many food processing companies with the help of McDonald. He investigates the food industry globally and identifies some businesses that OSI group can buy and collaborate with to enhance expansion. In the Process, OSI Group acquired Baho Foods; Netherlands manufacturer of deli meat, snacks and convenience foods. This was a great move, and McDonald said that it was a great move which will make OSI Group presence in Europe stronger. Baho Foods had subsidiary processing plants in Netherlands and Germany and this broadened OSI Group market base.

David McDonald’s contribution to OSI Group success is evident. His hard work, entrepreneur skills, determination, and knowledge are the fundamental pillars of improving OSI group performance globally. Working as a team player has helped him achieve what he has today.

Under Auriemo Neto, JHSF is expanding portfolio and assets under managment

Ever since JHSF Participacaoes was founded in 1972, it has continuously been expanding. Starting out from just a regional developer, it has become one of the largest and most important luxury development firms in all of Brazil. This progress has taken off at an exponential rate throughout the reign of Jose Auriemo Neto as its chief executive officer.

Under Auriemo Neto’s leadership, the firm has grown from a developer and property management firm with less than $50 million under management into a multi-billion-dollar, publicly traded company. Today, the firm is currently managing tens of millions of square feet of the most sought-after luxury real estate in the country of Brazil. It is also owner of a property portfolio that includes billions of dollars in assets under management. This makes JHSF Participacaoes not only one of the largest real estate developers in the country but also one of the largest asset management companies.

This explosive growth has taken place as a direct result of Auriemo Neto’s perspicacious vision. Auriemo Neto saw early that Brazil had tremendous potential, far greater than anything that it had already realized. Auriemo Neto believe the Brazil needed to shed the stereotypical image it had throughout much of the world as a third-world backwater that was only worth noticing for a few nice beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Auriemo Neto went about transforming the country from an underdeveloped, poverty-stricken nation to the leader of Latin American luxury real estate and second homes for the global elite. To know more about him click here.

One example of a development that has dramatically increased the interest in a Brazilian city for the global rich and famous is the development of Parque Cidade Jardim. Located just off one of Brazil’s busiest highways, Parque Cidade Jardim is a sprawling complex of nine luxury condominium towers, four Class A office space towers and the largest luxury mall in all of Brazil. The development has millions of square feet of the most luxurious office and living space anywhere in the country. It is also one of the few places where people can currently shop at such stores as Luis Vuitton, Reebok Academy and visit a Cinemark mega-theater.

Through innovative luxury developments like these, Auriemo Neto is helping to take Brazil into the 21st century.

Betsy Devos Makes Serious Changes in Education

The reality for people that are looking at the education system is that there is a need for improvement. Betsy DeVos has put a lot of time into helping people realize this. She knows that there are a lot of changes that needs to be made, and she has doing all that she can to ensure that more people see that there are improvements in education.I do believe that Betsy DeVos is making a great attempt at improving the education system, and I think that everyone is going to be impressed with the way that she handles the change in education reform. Betsy DeVos is putting a lot of time and effort into the concept of building better charter schools. This is a very interesting concept in my opinion because it really challenges more people to look at the benefits of school vouchers and how kids can get a better education even if they are not linked to a great neighborhood environment.

There certainly is a discrepancy in education in different areas, and I think that Betsy DeVos is going to have a lot to say about helping kids get an education regardless of where they are living. So many people have struggled with improving the education system, and it appears that people are always looking for a better way to help their children get educated. Parents are all for the charter schools that Betsy DeVos has put in place because they know that this is going to equate to better opportunities despite where they may live.Betsy DeVos knows that the education system is broken, and she is trying to do her very best to make sure that more people benefit from a greater level of education improvement under her watch as Secretary of Education.

I don’t think that people realize just how much Betsy DeVos has dedicated to education. A great portion of her life is rooted in philanthropy. She has given greatly to the education system. She has put for a lot of effort to make improvements on education with her husband, and I think that this plays a major part in how well she is able to make improvements in the system. More people are looking at the education system now that Betsy DeVos is bringing all of this attention to it. I think that this is great because it means that more people are going to pay attention to what is wrong. For a long time people have just been looking at the education system and really not paying any attention to what is actually wrong with it. Betsy DeVos, in my opinion, has made it possible for more people to see the improvements.

The Successful Career Journey of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Porfirio Sanchez is a successful career person who has had many accomplishments. He is currently the CEO of Editorial Televisa, a position that he assumed from June 2015. Porfiro Sanchez is also the vice-president of the corporate chief of staff and the chief Economist at Televisa from 2006 up to date. Sanchez started his career in the 1990s where he worked as the minister’s Chief of Staff and the Mexican Finance Ministry.

Porfirio Sanchez has an academic portfolio that is quite impressive. To begin with, he is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where he studied at the Institute for software in 2012. He attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2011 where he undertook the Stanford Executive Education Program. His Bachelors is in Applied Statistics from ITAM where he attended from 1994-1998. His academic qualifications together with his achievements have helped Sanchez to be successful in Televisa.

At Televisa, Porfiro is mandated with making decisions about marketing and telecommunications. He also directs economic analysis and special projects at Televisa. When Porfirio was about to leave Televisa for World Bank, Alfonso de Angoitia called him to be the new director of economic analysis and special projects at Televisa since it was more fun. Since then, the magazine Expansion ranked Televisa as one of the 30 promising companies in 2014.

Televisa is ranked as one of the leading Spanish-speaking media company. Its contents are distributed throughout the US, Mexico and in other over 50 countries through television networks, 20 pay-tv brands, and cable operators among other services. Porfirio has been guiding Televisa to be successful and become great. His work at Televisa has been excellent.

Sanchez has a rich experience in advertising, media & entertainment, broadcasting, television and all forms of telecommunication. It is during his term as the CEO of Televisa that the company achieved a revenue turnover of approximately $10 billion. To add on this, Televisa has over 10,000 employees who work globally. He has been a role model to many who have emulated him and succeeded.


Andrew Rolfe, Leading Successor and Chairman of the Ubuntu Funds.

The Ubuntu Education Fund’s chairman, Andrew Rolfe, has successfully held the Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala in London. Raising more than £603,000, the money raised will be used to help over 400 disadvantaged people in Africa in a mission to provide aid and a sustainable living environment for proper quality education and health care. A program for underprivileged children was held at the Port Elizabeth campus to help the children according to their health and education needs to prepare them for a steady career by the time they reach their teens.

Andrew Rolfe welcomed the 300 guests to the gala with delightful culinary meals and Xhosa corals, followed by moving speeches from South African Guests, including Sinesipho Rabidyani and Nozible Qamngana. Sineshipo overwhelmed the crowd and stole the show of great her life has changed with the help of the Ubuntu Fund. She thanked the Ubuntu Fund for helping her to escape an abusive home and receiving psychological support and quality education. She continued to credit the Ubuntu Fund for helping her to enrol into Law School, which resulted into allowing Sineshipo to convince her mother to leave her abusive and alcoholic father.

The result of Sineshipo’s speech created a lively auction, with some donors included a portrait by Nelson Makamo, paintings by Dom Pattinson, and a South African adventure holiday. Jacob Lief, the Founder and CEO of the Ubuntu Fund concluded the evening’s formality with a speech from his experience in helping South African children from the organisation’s start in Port Elizabeth for 20 years.

With the help of Andrew Rolfe, the Ubuntu Education Fund’s has achieved in providing early childhood support, quality education with additional mentorship and psychological support, healthcare and vocational training. The Ubuntu Fund has been recognised as the leading charitable organisation for a sustainable development.

Andrew Rolfe belief’s in the organisation strongly people to know that children still deserve to have educational rights and a peaceful environment to live. He continues to lead and support the Ubuntu Education Funds in hopes to aid as many children as possible.