Nutrimost Files Federal Lawsuit Against Rival Healthy Living Over Stolen Video

Healthy Living was recently slapped with a Federal Lawsuit by weight loss rival Nutrimost over a stolen promotional video that was placed on Healthy Living’s website can’, and Nutrimost wants them to pay up.

Healthy Living removed any and all references to Nutrimost and replaced those references with “Can’t Lose Diet”. Customer testimonials were spared and used on the Healthy Living version of the video, as well as a testimonial by the founder of the weight loss system, Dr. Ray Wisniewski.

When comparing the videos, they are the same in their claims. They both claim for the patient to lose between 25 and 45 pounds, or even more, in 40 days. No unsafe drugs are used in either advertised program, and there is no hormone use either to accelerate weight loss.

A defiant Healthy Living disregarded a cease-and-desist order from the courts to stop showing the video. They did make one slight change, and that was the length of the video. It does seem that now, the video shown by Healthy Living hasn’t been on their website.

Nutrimost is looking for Healthy Living to pay over $300,000 in damages for loss of “goodwill and reputation”, and is asking the court to take steps so that the pirated promotional video will never be shown again.

The progressive and popular weight loss system by Nutrimost, who calls themselves the “Ultimate Fat Loss System”, states a person, without feeling hungry or exercising, can lose up to 40 pounds of weight in as little as 40 days. There are no drugs being administered, and there is no surgery required.

Dr. Ray Wisniewski, the founder of the program for Nutrimost, practices “pastoral medicine”. This medicine is the combination of leading science with spiritual health wisdom and understanding.


Susan McGalla Brings Her Styling Expertise To Steeler Nation

Steeler Nation has received a style makeover just in time for football season and fans are loving it. New Director of Strategic Planning, Susan McGalla has given the Steelers website, clothing, and marketing strategy a major overhaul. Recently, Susan went on KDKA to talk with Christine Sorensen about the promotions and clothing styles that the Steelers website will carry.

Susan McGalla has updated the styles being carried now and added more color choices in addition to the traditional team colors. There are clothing choices for everyone in the family, including babies. The Steelers organization has also teamed up with Victoria’s Secret (VS) to add Steeler’s gear to VS’s PINK line giving females a choice in ultra feminine fan wear.

Another new feature on the website is the “Wear What We Wear” campaign. Fans can enter the website and find the Steeler clothing that their favorite football player wears. There have been many fan requests for this and Susan has made shopping for these items easy and fast.

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Lastly the Steelers merchandise website has launched a new contest. “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday”. Fans wear their favorite Steelers gear on the Fridays before game days and submit a selfie showing themselves in their Steelers gear. One lucky winner will receive a whole new Steelers wardrobe. See:

These new ideas in clothing and promotion come, in part, from Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla has been in fashion since 1994 where she held various positions within American Eagle working up to the office of President before she left in 2009. After American Eagle, Susan became the CEO of Wet Seal in 2011 and held that position for a year and a half before leaving in July, 2012.

Ms. Susan McGalla started her own independent consulting firm, P3, in 2013 and was instrumental in helping businesses with marketing and branding strategies, growing business’s client bases, and making the product more marketable. Ms. McGalla loves to help companies grow and she has helped the Steelers organization grow a bigger fan base and become more approachable to their fans this past year.

Gorgeous Hair with the Help of Wen by Chaz

When your hair doesn’t look good, you probably don’t feel too confident and you may avoid certain situations because of your locks. It could be the type of shampoo that you are using and the fact that it is stripping your hair of all of its natural oils. This is the basis behind the WEN Hair by Chaz line and why so many people are falling in love with the line. Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner that people are just raving about because it is saving their hair and getting it looking gorgeous.

The way that the Wen hair by Chaz line works is by using essential oils and nutrients to cleanse the hair without lathering it up. This can help to reduce the amount of moisture that is stripped so that your hair constantly looks gorgeous all the time. For a lot of people, using Wen by Chaz is one of the best things they have done for their hair. In fact, a recent author for talked about her own experience using Wen by Chaz and how it helped her hair despite the fact that she has fine and thin hair that tends to stay greasy all the time.

For anyone who might be interested, Wen by Chaz is available on Sephora in a lot of different scents and combinations, making it quick and effortless for you to find the specific product that is right for you. Make sure that when choosing Wen by Chaz, you wash, rinse and repeat for the best results possible. You can also follow Chaz Dean on Facebook to see the latest buzz when it comes to his amazing product and how it has been working for a lot of women and men who happen to be making very good use of it.

Choose Wen Hair!


Coriant’s New CEO Is Sure to Usher in a Bright Future


It might seem impossible to predict the future of any given company. But Coriant’s new CEO is demonstrating why there are some things which allow one to predict a company’s future. This is because the new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, has an extensive history of success within the tech sector. And for a variety of different reasons he seems like a perfect match for Coriant.

The first thing to understand about Shaygan Kheradpir is that he’s had a wide and varied background. So wide and varied that he’s managed to create contacts all over the industry. This is one of the most important reasons why it’s clear that he’s going to start out running. He’s already established a strong working relationship with the senior executives within Coriant. Before coming on as the CEO of Coriant he worked with them as the Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners. This is one of those items which might seem good from an outside perspective but which hint at amazing things when one really understands the nature of the industry.

Communication is central to any company. But the tech industry in particular requires an ability to rapidly discuss a variety of often quite complex topics. Being able to make firm business decisions is obviously as important in the tech sector as it is anywhere else. But it’s complicated by a need to also take in rather obscure topics and ideas and disseminate the core concepts to other executives. It’s quite clear that Kheradpir has demonstrated an aptitude for this process which impressed everyone he worked with at Coriant. As such it’s a safe assumption that this will have impressive real world results.

This also leads into another reason why Kheradpir is such a good match for the company. Communication is essential at the top. But communication needs to be a fully company wide process. The information within a meeting of engineers needs to have the relevant details make their way to the executives who control funding and business strategy. The same goes for programmers and all of the other talent within a company. But all of these jobs come with very specific ways of looking at the world. They have different developmental methodologies, different use of linguistic jargon, and it goes on and on. Kheradpir has had over 28 years of executive experience within the tech industry. And during that time he’s had the chance to work within a wide variety of different areas. This provides him with a scope of experience that allows him to instantly grasp the nature of various projects. This in turn allows him to make rapid and effective decisions with that information. It’s the perfect match for a company like Coriant which has such a diverse line of high tech specialities.