Thor Halvorssen – Human Rights Activist like no other

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist extraordinaire. He is the founder of the Human rights Foundations and the Oslo Freedom Forum which is a one of a kind unification forum for human rights activists and hailed by The Economist the greatest of its kind.

He works almost round the clock, depending on medication to get him some sleep. Medication that doesn’t seem to be doing its work properly.

Born to distinguished and well respected parents with not a worry in the world, Thor Halvorssen has seen his father being imprisoned and mother being shot for no faults of their own. He knows how suffering changes humans and you know that he does when he says. “I love humans”.

The most recent passion that he and his comrades share at the Human Rights Foundation is to free the North Korean people from the tyranny of the Kims. This is a task that even the strongest in the world will not think of taking without a second thought. Read more: Thor Halvorssen – Crunchbase

After all, a movie mocking the dictator found it hard to hit the theatres across the world. But Thor Halvorssen is no everyday activist. There has been an assassination attempt on him already, but Thor wouldn’t care. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

He is different than other run of the mill activists in the way he talks and the way he operates. He would send balloons full of leaflets to North Korea, he would not miss the chance to take a celebrity to task if so he deserves and he and his team would hack the websites of human riots violators, especially the North Koreans.

To his friends and comrades, Thor is not a speaker but a doer. He was an active participant in the balloon event mentioned above. He personally went to the North Korea border to inflate large hydrogen balloons, fill them with anti-Kim material and send them hopefully to people in North Korea.

Thor is not the one who, being the founding leader, would strategize and let his men do the work. He will take it upon himself to be in the thick of the action. No wonder he is unable to sleep, there is so much to do!