Brazilian Financial Expert Marcio Alaor Shares Tips

Marcio Alaor is an executive with the Brazilian firm Banco BMG, one of the largest financial institutions in the country. Banco BMG was founded 85 years ago and offers an expansive financial products portfolio to its clients. Alaor came to Banco BMG due to his extensive background in finance as well as a well-grounded reputation for excellent management skills.

Recently Marcio Alaor gave tips to his readers about how to go about saving money during an economic crisis like the one that Brazil is currently facing. As the prices of goods and services increase in the country it becomes increasingly difficult to build a budget to accommodate them. Alaor has come up with a set of strategies that he suggests families in Brazil adapt so that they can still save money during these trying times.

His first tip is to know where your money is going. Write down exactly where your money is going and separate it into categories. Being mindful not to miss anything, this will enable the family to see where their money is going and if it is being used wisely. His second tip is to cut all unnecessary expenditures in order to see what can be reduced or even eliminated. Once you see where your money is going it’s much easier to see where money is being wasted. As examples eating lunch out is much more expensive than bringing one from home, and a cable tv subscription can be easily cut. He also says to avoid buying the latest and greatest gadgets when the ones already own fills the same basic functions.

Another tip is to pay yourself first. Don’t wait until the end of the month to put away savings, instead put it away as soon as you receive it. By leaving money around to save at the end of the month the likely result is that it will be spent instead of saved. People should also haggle whenever they can. There is no humiliation in asking for a discount or rebate on the things you buy. If you can pay a lower price for a good or service, why wouldn’t you?

His final tip is to use credit cards moderately. The danger in credit cards lies in the feeling they give that you have more ability to spend than you actually do. This leads many people to being shocked when they open their credit card bill and the amount of credit that has been used is far higher than they thought it would be. Add in the fact that the interest rate on credit cards is generally very high and a person can quickly find themselves in a deep financial hole.

Alaor recognizes that it takes determination to save but the peace of mind that comes from being financially secure is more than worth the effort.

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Karl Heideck Knows How to Get it Done

Karl Heideck can help litigate your case
Karl Heideck, Experienced Pennsylvania Litigator

The law procedure known as a “litigation” is, in essence, the process of presenting a legal disparity, inequality, or injury to a judge in a court of law. Litigation activity is often considered to be a many-sided and remarkably intricate path to undertake. This is true, for the bulk of ordinary people. In today’s interconnected world, the probability is high that at some point you will have to take another individual, company, or even government agency to court, or perhaps, one of these will bring you to court instead. A judge or jury will then decide the case based on the evidence and testimony.

The individual who brings the argument to the courts is recognized under the official title as a Plaintiff. In legal terms, the plaintiff presents a case that the one who is litigated over, officially labeled as a Defendant, is to complete some manner of recompense that is usually fiscal in nature.


If the case is accepted by a judge, the Plaintiff is obligated to initiate the act of discovery. This is basically a research activity, intended to achieve evidence to reveal the guilt or responsibility of a Defendant. At the time that the research action begins, the Defendant has lawful access to the evidence. This is to find out what the Plaintiff’s legal representative has in their possession as proof of wrong doing.

Karl Heideck is a litigator from Pennsylvania and his familiarity of the law covers an extensive and diverse compendium of transactions, including financial and industry legal procedures. Karl Heideck’s understanding of the law also covers risk evaluation and serving Assistant District Attorneys by way of important research for legal events.

Karl Heideck received a Bachelor of Arts while studying at Swarthmore College. Mr. Heideck furthered his legal training by concluding his Juris Doctor during his time at James Beasely. Karl’s talent as a gifted legal intern gave him the understanding required for providing aid to the District Attorney of Montgomery County. Karl Heideck is an effective litigator who can be found working in Philadelphia. Some of his notable professional activities can be gleaned from his online Facebook postings. Karl’s works include directly assisting a wide variety of specialty attorneys, always with the goal of helping their clients capably.

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Dr. Clay Siegall: the Biotechnology Guru and Seasoned Researcher

Dr. Clay Siegall is the current president and executive principle of Seattle Genetics. He earned an undergrad in zoology at the renowned University of Maryland and later a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University. Dr. Siegall is a scientist with interest in cancer and cancer therapies.


Dr. Siegall role at Seattle Genetics


Dr. Siegall formed Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, in 1998. In 2000, he took up the role of the president of the company. Two years later, he named the chief executive of the company. Dr. Siegall’s objective was to develop an institute whose mission is to make monoclonal antibody therapies for cancer treatment. It has been roughly 19 years since the creation of Seattle Genetics, and Dr. Siegall takes pride in the success of his company. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics has become a science-oriented company, conducting rigorous research in the development of therapies for fighting cancer.


Dr. Siegall has facilitated the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), which are the basis of cancer treatment. Through its ADC technology, Seattle Genetics has entered in strategic licenses with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and Genentech. The company has also developed other drugs most of which are still in the clinical trial phase. Seattle has developed ADCETRIS and 33A, which are to be used in the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma and acute myeloid leukemia respectively. Aside from research work, Dr. Siegall has assisted his company in securing investment capital from various companies amounting to the US $675 million. In 2001, he led the company through an IPO.


Dr. Siegall’s work history


Dr. Siegall’s interest in cancer treatment began close to three decades ago. Before establishing Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall worked at National Institute of Health. In 1991, he joined Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute; a company focused on the development of cost-effective drugs.


Board membership


Since 2006, Dr. Siegall has been serving on boards of directors for three pharmaceutical companies. He offers advice to the board of directors for Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. as an outside director. In 2013, he was called upon to serve on the board of Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. His recent appointment was at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical; a biotechnology company committed to the development of drugs for rare and ultra-rare diseases.

Roberto Santiago is the Owner of Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur and owner of Joao Pessoa-based Manaira Shopping Mall. The fifty-eight-year-old also owns the Mangeira Shopping Mall which is the most contemporary place for shopping in the city. Roberto Santiago started his professional career from Café Santa Rosa. Later, he invested in the carton age company. The company is popular for using a technique which is used for manufacturing utilitarian and decorative objects. With the passage of time, Roberto has transformed into a shrewd businessman. His future in the business field seems to be quite promising. Roberto Santiago is very passionate about sports. He has a collection of trophies that he earned by participating in kart and motocross championships. Roberto Santiago was born on 16 July 1958 in Joao Pessoa. He went to Pio X-Marist College for his basic education. Later, he went to University Center of Joao Pessoa for a degree in Business Administration.

Manaira Shopping Mall is the largest mall in the city of Joao Pessoa. It is known for having excellent customer relationships. Customers find all ingredients at one place which includes leisure, fun, and comfort. Roberto Santiago came up with this idea to add the popularity of his city which is already popular with an amazing sunset, beautiful beaches, and rich cuisines. At the Manaira Shopping Mall, people find both entertainment and fun. Families visiting the area would find everything they need here like bowling alleys, electronic amusement park, ballroom, and movie theaters. The cinema on in the mall is a great attraction for visitors. It consists of eleven rooms, all of them are equipped with the latest equipment. There are 3D rooms as well as VIP rooms. They have a stadium-style seating arrangement. The bar the shopping mall also offers candy, drinks, and gourmet popcorn.

There is an electronic amusement park which is called the Game Station. There are two-hundred machines for games on an area of eighteen hundred square meters. The Gourmet Space on Wikipedia at the shopping mall is the place for people to have fun with their families. There are a hamburger and steak house where people can eat mouth-watering cuisines. The food court at the mall offers diverse cuisines on Facebook which visitors love to try. On the rooftop, there is a Domus Hall which is claimed to be the biggest concert hall in Joao Pessoa. It is an air-conditioned and contemporary structure which has the latest sound equipment and acoustic insulation. It has a capacity of ten thousand people.

Makari Gold by Makari de Suisse

Makari de Suisse is hands down the best skincare line on the market today. These extraordinary products are great for smoothing out skin tone and reversing skin cell damage. There are well over 60 products to choose from including whitening exfoliating soap, day treatment cream, beauty milk premium+, nigh treatment cream, and many more. Did you know that the Makari line has an all exclusive product line? Well “Makari Gold” provides even better results in faster times thanks to the powerfully formulated concentrates. Users get the many benefits of:

  • Healing & Strengthening Skin Cells
  • Restores Tissue Elasticity
  • More Powerful Antioxidants
  • Cell Active Regeneration
  • Slows Down Collagen Depletion

Makari Gold takes things to whole other level much more so than the standard product line. Depending on the person, either the standard or gold line will give you much more radiant skin with a glowing affect.

There are just too many benefits to not try these product if you’re a person of color. It’s time to rid yourself of hyper-pigmentation, discoloration, age spots, acne marks, dark spots, dark circles, and other embarrassing blemishes.


How John Goullet Is Helping To Build The Future

John Goullet is an entrepreneur who has been gaining more notoriety and credibility for his talents and skills in many business circles in the world. He started Info Technologies in 1994 and was the Chief Executive Officer. Initially, John had served as an IT staffing account executive. He then decided that Info Technologies would focus on understanding the corporate climate and the IT staffing requirements of his clients. John worked hard to ensure that the working style, skills, and personalities of his consultants met the needs of his customers. This proved to be extremely vital for the well-educated business personality.

Many key players in the IT sector respect Goullet for his immense knowledge. This started way back when he started his career in IT staffing. His vast experience in this sector has been helping him to accomplish subsequent goals in the ever growing IT industry.

There has been a long inequality history in the US when it comes to certain issues like gender rights and Civil Rights Movements. These concerns have a significant effect on how organizations in various industries perform their duties. John Goullet created Diversant LLC to aid in solving such problems. Diversant LLC seeks to offer equal job opportunities to the diverse and ever growing business structure avenues.

When starting Diversant LLC, John’s aim was to provide sufficient and high paying job opportunities to the people who come from the marginalized backgrounds within the United States. One of the most intriguing things about this company is that it is almost entirely run by workers who are African-American. This happens to be one of the dreams John had in life, and now it is a reality. Since 1994, John Goullet had been trying to create an ideal business model that would help him become an employer of most African-Americans and other minorities.

Up to date, Mr. Goullet still strives to establish new innovative ways for meeting the challenges that the IT industry keeps facing. He mentioned this while being interviewed by the Idea Mensch. Anyone would get inspired after checking out this interview.


Inspiring True Economic and Educational Genius

Achieving his MD with distinction in Internal Medicine at Уральская Государственная Медицинская Академия in 1994, Alexei Beltyukov went on from there to earn his MBA in 1997 at INSEAD, take part in the Executive program in Disruptive Technologies at Singularity University in 2012, and Stanford University in 2015, where he took part in Building a Successful Business for the Internet of Things (IoT) for a year.

After his great adventure into higher learning, the multilingual Beltyukov became the Associate and then the Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company from 1998 to 2003, where he lead many programs in metals and mining,oil industry, transportation and insurance as well as joint authoring the Russian rail system’s reform plan.

After this he went forth to join at Brunswick Capital as their Vice President of Business Development in 2003 and then later joined the Renova Project till 2006 in the position of COO and later on as the CEO of said project, both in Russia.

Alexei Beltyukov later went on to join in on the Business Development and Commercialization team of the Skolkovo Foundation as the Senior Vice President before Finding the company A-Ventures in January of 2007, as well as A-Venture’s Managing Partner where he spent seven years of his time before going on next to become the Director at SOLVY in 2013.

Since this, Alexei Beltyukov has founded multiple other companies including Mechanicus in 2007, Endemic Capitol in 2013, New Gas Technologies in 2006 where he also stands as the Chairman of it’s board. Along the way he has worked as a Member of Coordinating Council in the Market for Innovations and Investments at the Moscow Exchange and the Board Observer at Foro Energy.

A brilliant mind is not all that this man has to offer though, for he is also a man of the community. Inspired by his work at INSEAD, Beltyukov decided to volunteer his assistance as Entrepreneur in Residence for four years, where along the he founded the INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship.

Currently in search for a nonprofit board to join in on, Beltyukov truly is an inspiring and kindhearted individual who is taking outstanding strides in making this world a better place to live that is full of better opportunities for the future generation and all those yet to come. Alexei currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where he is living proof that dedication pays off.

Collaboration of Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management

Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management announced in October of 2015 that they were forming an active partnership in Korea. Through mutual cooperation, the two companies will develop investment strategies for institutional and retail investors in Korea.

Under the agreement, Capital Group will help the Samsung Management team to become familiar with Capital’s “active management style” and know how, within the areas of business management and client management.

What is Capital Group’s “active management style”? It is a collegiate style of management where individuals within the management team takes parts of the total portfolio. This style of management helps to protect the company from “stars”, who through their ultimate success moves to another company or the untimely death of an individual within the management team.

A Samsung Asset Management spokesman from it’s Seoul-based offices stated that the partnership with Capital could help lead the way for the company to become recognized as one of the top three of Asia’s home grown management companies by 2020.

Timothy Armour, CEO of Capital, looked at the broader picture of the partnership by stating that it was his hope that the co-design of investment solutions could offer Korean investors savings, retirement and insurance needs.

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In April of 2016 Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management announced the co-development of asset management products to the Korean market. This 2016 announcement is the first results of their collaboration together since they announced their partnership in October of 2015.

The firms launched six targeted retirement funds to the Korean market. The targeted, retirement dates years are 2020, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045. According to this joint collaboration , these funds will be managed 30 years past the retirement date. This will ensure investors that they can maintain a single fund over their lifetime.

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Though at the time of the announcement in April, Samsung Asset Management showed only a specified $6.6 million in assets. However, with the recent regulatory change lifting the amount of retirement funds that could be invested in equities from 40% to 82%, management believes there is a strong possibility of growth in the future.

Moreover, the two companies feel that the eventual shift from growth-oriented equities to income-oriented equities that are suitable to Korea, will be their eventual path in the future.

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Is The Hallmark of Leadership

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the best and most recognized title clearing and data processing companies, as recognized by retail banking and mortgage companies. The success of any abstract or title companies lies in its customer service and accuracy policies as the mortgage business has to have reliable and extremely accurate documents to conduct business.


Nationwide Title was formed in 1991 and is located in Palm Harbor, Florida in a five-building compound which houses over 450 employees. The training that the employees receive is one of the extraordinary factors for the company’s successful history and why clients regard Nationwide with such esteem.


Upon hire, the employee receives a very thorough and complete training that pertains to the specific duties which will encompass the work in which the new hire will be involved. As an employee gains experience, he or she will have the opportunity to move up in the organization. There are over 100 additional training modules which can be accessed by employees. There are roughly 50 different positions where employees can aspire to gain, and each module qualifies a worker for more responsibility. Nearly have of all the staff at Nationwide are involved in some manner of training at all times.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has access to every county in the United States, enabling a thorough and complete search capability. Whether searching for an abstract, a copy of a title, or any other manner of property record, Nationwide will be able to find what is needed at the county level, where the majority of these records are stored.


In the event a record is lost or destroyed, there are other means of ascertaining the validity of any record, which is a great asset that the company can rely upon. Another asset which is a great convenience to customers is the system that can deliver copies of documents in a most timely fashion to clients who need them right away. Leins, conveyances, title clearances, lien verifications, tax status reports and collateral files are available in a speedy fashion, cementing the customer service capabilities to the client’s needs.


As CEO John Hillman recently stated in an industry-wide podcast, “Compliance is a much-discussed topic in the title industry today.” He went on to say that the best way to improve compliance is for the companies to set their standards to the highest mark, and then publicly demonstrate their results.


That is precisely what Nationwide Title Clearance has done, and that is also why Nationwide has received honors as the Tampa Bay Times top 100 most desired place to work for the past several years in a row.

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