DACA Program in Jeopardy

Recently, there have been several attacks against the DACA program from the extremist members of the GOP. These attacks have raised concerns among organizations and networks that safeguard the rights of young immigrants. DACA is a program whose main objective is to pardon undocumented youth from deportation upon meeting certain merits.

Young individuals who meet the set prerequisites are given a chance to have a social security number and work in the U.S. for two years. In addition to the said benefits, a majority of the states in the U.S allow younger individuals who are covered by the program to obtain a driver’s license and even gain access to in-state-tuition fees.

After five years in action, the benefits of the DACA program are well profound. For instance, about 95% of individuals covered by the program are either employed, studying or doing both.

Their contribution to the country’s economy can’t underestimate since these people pay higher taxes and contributed millions of dollars to learning institutions in the U.S.

Despite the effectiveness of the program and its clear benefits, Texas attorney general recently drafted a letter to the Trump’s government seeking the rescindment of DACA before September 5th. In his letter, Ken Paxton demands that the program is abolished. However, he is of the opinion that the program should be slowly phased out rather than be terminated abruptly. He posits that the government should slowly get rid of the program by rejecting new applications and denying individuals covered by the program renewals.

Paxton is not the only individual in conflict with the DACA program. Other distinguished individuals are said to have put their names on the letter urging president Trump to abolish the DACA program. These include red states’ governor and nine other attorneys general. In the letter addressed to Trump’s administration, the governor and the ten attorneys have threatened to take legal action if their grievances are not addressed to their satisfaction.

Following these attacks on the DACA program, members of the Hispanic Caucus recently held a closed-door meeting to discuss a way to protect a program that covers more than 800,000 individuals. Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly, was in attendance. Speaking at the meeting, he echoed the concerns of most members of the Hispanic community when he reiterated that the DACA program was in jeopardy. He attributed his concerns regarding the future of DACA to legal cases against the program.

Before John Kelly’s admission regarding the challenges facing the DACA program, DREAMers and advocates had sounded warnings about its impending termination to all concerned parties. However, Kelly’s recent admission strikes a deep sense of fear to all beneficiaries of the DACA program. That highlights the need for combined efforts to fight for the program. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has volunteered to offer legal guidance and any other necessary assistance in the fight against the abolition of DACA.

Thor Halversson Founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Works Tirelessly for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is starting to gain some momentum and notoriety, as a man who fully supports the cause he is campaigning for. Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, and organization that is dedicated to championing against human rights violations accross the globe.


Halvorssen is so dedicated and so tireless in his pursuit to end tyranny and the human rights violations they commit that he has been branded a “troublemaker for tyrants”. Halvorssen has a long history of advocating for human rights, and is partly because of his personal and family history. The 39 year old Halvorssen, is half Norwegian and half Venezualan. He was born and raised in Caracass. His mother was decendand from Venzuala’s first president Crystobal Mendoza, as well as Simon “The Liberator” Bolivar, but it is not his just his linage that makes him so passionate.


Born and raised in Caracas, he knows first hand what kind of human rights violations occur when living under a dictatorship. Halvorssen’s father was taken as a political prisoner when he was a young boy, and his mother was shot during a protest for her beliefs. He also has experienced the shortages, power outages, and long lines for essential services that many Venezuelan’s are subject to.


Thor Halvorssen is said to be so dedicated to the cause that he supports that he spends all of his time on the road, and barely takes a break to sleep or eat. He is more concerned about spending every bit of his time and energy fighting for the cause that he believes in. His foundation has been effective, too.


In 2012, Gary Kasparov, chess champion and then chairman of HRF was arrested during a protest after Pussy Riot, an all female punk band was arrested for the crime of singing an anti-Putin song. HRF did not single handedly get the women released, but the widespread attention they received after the protests did not hurt.


Halvorssen himself is not afraid of getting involved either. He and a cameraman interviewed Thich Quang Do, the patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, whose church had been banned. As reward for his trouble, Halvorssen was attacked and beaten, but he has never been deterred from his cause.

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