Ground-Breaking ClassDojo

Technology has impacted human beings in all aspects of life. Technology is seen in almost every workplace, in schools, in hospitals, in financial institutions, among other places. Major innovations have happened in the use of technology to advance the education of school-going children. An article published on 15th, April 2016, on Tech crunch website showed an example of what technology has done in the education system.

The article discussed a funding by classDojo, a communication platform that mainly engages teachers, parents, and students to improve school performance. It gave a funding of 21million dollars in support of an application that aims to eliminate the time teachers and parents spend in solving issues of their children. The application would enable educators and parents to keep in touch and monitor performance of the children at school.

The regular communication would be a major step as parents would be updated on what happens each day, week, month or year with their children. Initially, these updates are only done once per semester. According to the editorial, the two co-founders of classDojo, Mr. Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, the funding is aimed at growing the company. They also aim to do more research on the kind of features and contents that would be useful and relevant to the parents and teachers.

One of the founders said that the app should be able to guide parents on the type of conversations they should have with their children after school, in order to enhance the development and general learning of the children. Teachers can let parents know of the school schedules, take photos and videos of children as they take part in the school activities.

About classDojo
Founded in 2011, the company’s main mission is to give parents, educators, and learners the opportunity to change learning from the ground up. Today, the platform is used by at least 2 out of 3 schools in the United States, and in other 180 nations around the world.
ClassDojo creates a community of teachers, students, and parents, who are connected and empowered to make the necessary changes in the education sector. The application creates a community connected by a shared belief that education can only be improved if they work together as one force and create a positive culture with classrooms and schools. In short, classDojo has helped teachers and parents to bring nearly all progressive initiatives in education easily into the classroom in ways that are appealing to the students.