Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Is The Hallmark of Leadership

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the best and most recognized title clearing and data processing companies, as recognized by retail banking and mortgage companies. The success of any abstract or title companies lies in its customer service and accuracy policies as the mortgage business has to have reliable and extremely accurate documents to conduct business.


Nationwide Title was formed in 1991 and is located in Palm Harbor, Florida in a five-building compound which houses over 450 employees. The training that the employees receive is one of the extraordinary factors for the company’s successful history and why clients regard Nationwide with such esteem.


Upon hire, the employee receives a very thorough and complete training that pertains to the specific duties which will encompass the work in which the new hire will be involved. As an employee gains experience, he or she will have the opportunity to move up in the organization. There are over 100 additional training modules which can be accessed by employees. There are roughly 50 different positions where employees can aspire to gain, and each module qualifies a worker for more responsibility. Nearly have of all the staff at Nationwide are involved in some manner of training at all times.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has access to every county in the United States, enabling a thorough and complete search capability. Whether searching for an abstract, a copy of a title, or any other manner of property record, Nationwide will be able to find what is needed at the county level, where the majority of these records are stored.


In the event a record is lost or destroyed, there are other means of ascertaining the validity of any record, which is a great asset that the company can rely upon. Another asset which is a great convenience to customers is the system that can deliver copies of documents in a most timely fashion to clients who need them right away. Leins, conveyances, title clearances, lien verifications, tax status reports and collateral files are available in a speedy fashion, cementing the customer service capabilities to the client’s needs.


As CEO John Hillman recently stated in an industry-wide podcast, “Compliance is a much-discussed topic in the title industry today.” He went on to say that the best way to improve compliance is for the companies to set their standards to the highest mark, and then publicly demonstrate their results.


That is precisely what Nationwide Title Clearance has done, and that is also why Nationwide has received honors as the Tampa Bay Times top 100 most desired place to work for the past several years in a row.

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Susan McGalla Brings Her Styling Expertise To Steeler Nation

Steeler Nation has received a style makeover just in time for football season and fans are loving it. New Director of Strategic Planning, Susan McGalla has given the Steelers website, clothing, and marketing strategy a major overhaul. Recently, Susan went on KDKA to talk with Christine Sorensen about the promotions and clothing styles that the Steelers website will carry.

Susan McGalla has updated the styles being carried now and added more color choices in addition to the traditional team colors. There are clothing choices for everyone in the family, including babies. The Steelers organization has also teamed up with Victoria’s Secret (VS) to add Steeler’s gear to VS’s PINK line giving females a choice in ultra feminine fan wear.

Another new feature on the website is the “Wear What We Wear” campaign. Fans can enter the website and find the Steeler clothing that their favorite football player wears. There have been many fan requests for this and Susan has made shopping for these items easy and fast.

Read more: Steelers Overhaul Fan Gear Closet, Introduce New Fashion Campaign

Lastly the Steelers merchandise website has launched a new contest. “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday”. Fans wear their favorite Steelers gear on the Fridays before game days and submit a selfie showing themselves in their Steelers gear. One lucky winner will receive a whole new Steelers wardrobe. See:

These new ideas in clothing and promotion come, in part, from Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla has been in fashion since 1994 where she held various positions within American Eagle working up to the office of President before she left in 2009. After American Eagle, Susan became the CEO of Wet Seal in 2011 and held that position for a year and a half before leaving in July, 2012.

Ms. Susan McGalla started her own independent consulting firm, P3, in 2013 and was instrumental in helping businesses with marketing and branding strategies, growing business’s client bases, and making the product more marketable. Ms. McGalla loves to help companies grow and she has helped the Steelers organization grow a bigger fan base and become more approachable to their fans this past year.

Coriant’s New CEO Is Sure to Usher in a Bright Future


It might seem impossible to predict the future of any given company. But Coriant’s new CEO is demonstrating why there are some things which allow one to predict a company’s future. This is because the new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, has an extensive history of success within the tech sector. And for a variety of different reasons he seems like a perfect match for Coriant.

The first thing to understand about Shaygan Kheradpir is that he’s had a wide and varied background. So wide and varied that he’s managed to create contacts all over the industry. This is one of the most important reasons why it’s clear that he’s going to start out running. He’s already established a strong working relationship with the senior executives within Coriant. Before coming on as the CEO of Coriant he worked with them as the Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners. This is one of those items which might seem good from an outside perspective but which hint at amazing things when one really understands the nature of the industry.

Communication is central to any company. But the tech industry in particular requires an ability to rapidly discuss a variety of often quite complex topics. Being able to make firm business decisions is obviously as important in the tech sector as it is anywhere else. But it’s complicated by a need to also take in rather obscure topics and ideas and disseminate the core concepts to other executives. It’s quite clear that Kheradpir has demonstrated an aptitude for this process which impressed everyone he worked with at Coriant. As such it’s a safe assumption that this will have impressive real world results.

This also leads into another reason why Kheradpir is such a good match for the company. Communication is essential at the top. But communication needs to be a fully company wide process. The information within a meeting of engineers needs to have the relevant details make their way to the executives who control funding and business strategy. The same goes for programmers and all of the other talent within a company. But all of these jobs come with very specific ways of looking at the world. They have different developmental methodologies, different use of linguistic jargon, and it goes on and on. Kheradpir has had over 28 years of executive experience within the tech industry. And during that time he’s had the chance to work within a wide variety of different areas. This provides him with a scope of experience that allows him to instantly grasp the nature of various projects. This in turn allows him to make rapid and effective decisions with that information. It’s the perfect match for a company like Coriant which has such a diverse line of high tech specialities.



The Expansive H.C.M Charitable Giving Program

Following the expansion of Highland Capital Management (HCM) charitable giving program, the firm has teamed up with Linda Owen, who will provide strategic direction. She will be the charitable giving manager and will work together with the Dallas Foundation to administer HCM’s charitable giving fund. Linda is a professional who will ensure the firm’s contribution make a great impact in the society. Dallas Foundation improves life in North Texas by bringing together donors who help support veterans’ causes, healthcare and education and the Dallas Community. The foundation award grants to agencies in education, health, animal welfare and social services.

HCM contributes more than $ 3 Million per year to charitable organizations through the Dallas Foundation. The beneficiaries of the charitable acts are Center for Brain Health, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Dallas Zoo and American Heart Association among others. The HCM employees go beyond funding the Organization by providing board services and other leadership functions.

Linda, a Dallas Civic leader, is optimistic to work with such employees to bring a tangible difference in the community. She has a record of building effective public-private partnerships and as president of the Woodall Rodger Park Foundation, she oversaw development of Klyde Warren Park. She holds a BA in Economics from University of Texas and a JD from University of Texas School of Law. She has been involved in philanthropic organisations such as The Family Place, Crystal Charity Ball and Circuit Trail Conservancy.

HCM is the largest and most experienced asset and credit managers. It was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada and manages over $17 Billion of assets. HCM specialises in Collateralized Loan Obligations, long and short equities, hedge funds, distressed and special situation private equity, natural resources and long-only funds among others. Their clients are financial institutions, governments, high-net-worth individuals and fund of funds among others.

James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management and is highly experienced in investing and credit and equity markets. He is a Certified Management Accountant, a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. James previously worked as a Portfolio Manager and a Corporate Bond Analyst at American Express. He is a board member of Cornerstone Healthcare, American Banknote and M.G.M Studios. He is a philanthropist and supports many initiatives.

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New Scholarship Launched in Uncommon Schools

I have always been a proponent of helping students receive scholarships because I feel that many students never get the good opportunities they deserve. Often times if you take the time to really evaluate the opportunities being given to students you will realize that the ones who take advantage of the opportunities are often times the people who don’t need the extra finances because their parents can afford to pay out of pocket for college and yet these students still apply just because they choose to take advantage of the things and situations others are too ashamed to take advantage of.

As I’ve watched several of my friends have to work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet my heart hurts for them because I know first hand how hard it can be to juggle a full time or even part time job while attending college. Because I know this struggle first hand I have made it my duty to find scholarships for not only my friends but my family member’s who are in search of ways to pay for college.

A new scholarship initiative was recently launched by Keith Mann in partnership with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York. You see Uncommon Schools was created as an avenue to help students who are less fortunate. Being the builder of leaders that they are Keith Mann used his business Dynamic Search Partners as a launching pad to help them as they helped students go off and pursue college degrees. In order to be eligible you you must write an essay about how receiving this scholarship will help you.

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John Goullet- Bringing Equality to IT

From humble beginnings to the top of the information technology industry John Goullet has sought to bring equality to the IT marketplace. While John Goullet has had several successful business ventures it is his most recent that has brought him the most notoriety. As Chairman and Principal of Diversant, LLC, a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and America’s largest African-American owned IT staffing firm, Goullet continues to bring success to those around him. HIs passion for meeting the ever changing challenges of the IT marketplace and his passion for developing new and diverse ways to face those challenges lead him to his decision to join forces with Gene Waddy to form Diversant, LLC.

Mr. Goullet initially started his career as an information technology (IT) consultant before working his way up the corporate ladder and establishing his own IT staffing company, Info Technologies, Inc. in 1994. As Chief Executive Officer of Info Technologies, his first major business venture was a thriving success. Info Technologies, an IT staffing company, grew so well it garnered the number eight spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing privately held firms in the U.S. and received multiple business awards. With his ongoing drive and passion for IT, Goullet merged Info Technologies, Inc. with Waddy’s Diversant, Inc. to form Diversant, LLC.

Mr. Goullet continues his dream of providing top-notch IT services and support by using his understanding of market trends, client personalities and needs, and consultant skill sets to meet the ever evolving demand of the information technology marketplace.