How John Goullet Is Helping To Build The Future

John Goullet is an entrepreneur who has been gaining more notoriety and credibility for his talents and skills in many business circles in the world. He started Info Technologies in 1994 and was the Chief Executive Officer. Initially, John had served as an IT staffing account executive. He then decided that Info Technologies would focus on understanding the corporate climate and the IT staffing requirements of his clients. John worked hard to ensure that the working style, skills, and personalities of his consultants met the needs of his customers. This proved to be extremely vital for the well-educated business personality.

Many key players in the IT sector respect Goullet for his immense knowledge. This started way back when he started his career in IT staffing. His vast experience in this sector has been helping him to accomplish subsequent goals in the ever growing IT industry.

There has been a long inequality history in the US when it comes to certain issues like gender rights and Civil Rights Movements. These concerns have a significant effect on how organizations in various industries perform their duties. John Goullet created Diversant LLC to aid in solving such problems. Diversant LLC seeks to offer equal job opportunities to the diverse and ever growing business structure avenues.

When starting Diversant LLC, John’s aim was to provide sufficient and high paying job opportunities to the people who come from the marginalized backgrounds within the United States. One of the most intriguing things about this company is that it is almost entirely run by workers who are African-American. This happens to be one of the dreams John had in life, and now it is a reality. Since 1994, John Goullet had been trying to create an ideal business model that would help him become an employer of most African-Americans and other minorities.

Up to date, Mr. Goullet still strives to establish new innovative ways for meeting the challenges that the IT industry keeps facing. He mentioned this while being interviewed by the Idea Mensch. Anyone would get inspired after checking out this interview.