How Intelligent Lighting is paving the Way for Internet of Buildings

LED lights are the cutting-edge technology in energy effective lighting. LED is a semiconductor device, which transforms electricity into light. These solid-state lighting devices have revolutionized the way people light the world by phasing out traditional sources across each section of the worldwide lighting market. Billions of sockets are expected to be operational over the next couple of years.

This transition has triggered a fresh phase of LED adoption – the contest to connect every socket. The risks will be high for both the vendors and consumers. Qualities such as ubiquity, power access, and network connectivity make intelligent lights an ideal platform for introducing the Internet of Things (IoT). The race to own sockets is a competition among vendors to see who will be in charge of IoT’s infrastructure across the built environment.

Away from simple illumination, the Internet of Buildings created on top of cutting-edge lighting systems will entirely change the way people interact with the places in which they live. For instance, biometric sensors will specialize in tracking students’ alertness, slightly shifting spectrum to enhance their focus automatically when it begins to decrease. Additionally, the lights around your building will be intelligent, deciphering data produced by your wearable devices – utilizing light to de-stress you after a long and tiresome day.

About Gooee

Gooee is the founder of the world’s first fully integrated operating platform that links lighting manufacturers to the IoT. It focuses on designing, production, and supplying hardware, software, as well as data management components. Gooee offers ASICs (sensing), real-time control, Wireless Interface Modules and API management platform to control metering and smart lighting products. The company has a team of experienced LED and Semiconductor professionals.