The Successful Career Journey of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Porfirio Sanchez is a successful career person who has had many accomplishments. He is currently the CEO of Editorial Televisa, a position that he assumed from June 2015. Porfiro Sanchez is also the vice-president of the corporate chief of staff and the chief Economist at Televisa from 2006 up to date. Sanchez started his career in the 1990s where he worked as the minister’s Chief of Staff and the Mexican Finance Ministry.

Porfirio Sanchez has an academic portfolio that is quite impressive. To begin with, he is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where he studied at the Institute for software in 2012. He attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2011 where he undertook the Stanford Executive Education Program. His Bachelors is in Applied Statistics from ITAM where he attended from 1994-1998. His academic qualifications together with his achievements have helped Sanchez to be successful in Televisa.

At Televisa, Porfiro is mandated with making decisions about marketing and telecommunications. He also directs economic analysis and special projects at Televisa. When Porfirio was about to leave Televisa for World Bank, Alfonso de Angoitia called him to be the new director of economic analysis and special projects at Televisa since it was more fun. Since then, the magazine Expansion ranked Televisa as one of the 30 promising companies in 2014.

Televisa is ranked as one of the leading Spanish-speaking media company. Its contents are distributed throughout the US, Mexico and in other over 50 countries through television networks, 20 pay-tv brands, and cable operators among other services. Porfirio has been guiding Televisa to be successful and become great. His work at Televisa has been excellent.

Sanchez has a rich experience in advertising, media & entertainment, broadcasting, television and all forms of telecommunication. It is during his term as the CEO of Televisa that the company achieved a revenue turnover of approximately $10 billion. To add on this, Televisa has over 10,000 employees who work globally. He has been a role model to many who have emulated him and succeeded.