Norka Luque – Popular Venezuelan Singer and Producer of Hit Song Milagro

Norka Luque has been fortunate enough to experience much success in her career as a singer. This has also been with the guidance of Emilio Estefan, Jr. The connection proved to be invaluable for her success in the Music industry. She is a dreamer whom discovered her passion for music at a young age. With this passion, Norka seeks to spread a message of positivity. Her goal with her music is to send a message of hope. This message is designed to reach individuals whom are struggling with personal crises. She has also studied Business in France with additional degrees in culinary arts, fashion, and marketing. Her realizations have allowed her to value life and music in order to inspire others. The performance came as a result of the love and support of her parents, whom saw potential in Norka as she began her musical career with voice lessons which were provided to her by her parents. Norka Luque thus decided to pursue this childhood passion as her career.

Norka’s music combines sounds from many different cultures. The idea is to create a beautiful message which will resonate with people from across the globe. Her biggest hit was Milagro, which combined sounds from Latin America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Reggae music. Her fans enjoyed the combination of cultures into the single hit song. Milagro has proven to be a major hit in the US, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. This fusion is a reoccurring theme in all of her songs, as they all combine various sounds for a fusion of funky beats. Milagro was a funky song with plenty of great beats that captured audiences across the globe.

Norka Luque also performed at the Billboard Bash music show that was broadcasted on Telemundo. Her performance was stellar at the Billboard Bash. This was the perfect opportunity for her to showcase her talent among some of the great acts in Latin music. As she is still a young woman, Norka Luque more than likely has a bright future ahead of her as a singer. She will be able to advance her career at a rapid pace and gain additional notoriety for her works.

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