OSI Industries Successfully Expands Their International Network

Do you ever wonder where your food comes from when you’re eating at a restaurant, or food market? OSI Industries is one of the top food processing networks in the industry with their central headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Their commitment is a top food brand trusted by millions of families, and food service providers worldwide. Their International growth has been a successful part of their expansion initiative. The United States and Asia have been an example of their successful partnerships in the food industry. They have led a successful international campaign, for food that is committed to governmental regulations. OSI Industries was willing to conform to the set standards of the food industry without violations.

Sheldon Lavin, is the proud CEO of the OSI Industries food network, and David McDonald is their president. They have successfully worked together to achieve international expansion. They play a key role in the leadership, daily operations, and growth of OSI. Lavin says, is moving his company forward internationally with popular food service prospects in Spain, and India. OSI is working to also become a stronger dosmetic partner in the food service industry. Their food service network currently has over 247,000+ employees. Their size does not stop them from having a personal relationship with the communities, and families they serve.

They European partnership is under the Flagship brand, and OSI will be operating their frozen poultry, pie, and condiments food assembly please production lines. This is also an opportunity for their Europe based network to grow, and take part in a unique business opportunity. They also operate from a Chicago based plant that was being bid on by Tyson foods for $7.4 million dollars. OSI was able to win the bid, and help thousands of workers retain their current position.

They want their customers to know where their food is coming from, and trust they’re getting the top food brand in the industry. They rest at number fifty eight on the Forbes List with over $6.1 billion in revenue with an increased annual growth. They process poultry, fish, vegetables, meat patties, hotdogs, and bacon. They were one if the first in the industry to take part in a stablized food industry. OSI continues to stand out as a competive food processing provider. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details on their international expansion, leadership team, and employment opportunities available through their worldwide food processing network.

OSI Group info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group#/entity

David McDonald; the Accomplished OSI Group President

David McDonald is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the food processing industry. David; the OSI Group president was born in Iowa state where he grew up. David attained bachelor’s degree in animal science at Iowa State University way back in 1987. With hard work and great entrepreneurial skills, he has been working with OSI group which is one of the biggest in meat and food processing industry. On top of that, David is the chairman of the North American Meat Institute and a director at OSI International Foods.

OSI Group is based in Aurora, but it has grown and opened many subsidiary branches all over the world. The company mainly deals with protein based foods, pizza, beef patties, and sandwiches. With David Mcdonald’s effort, the OSI company grown globally and continued to satisfy their customers’ tastes. He has used a local-solution strategy to expand the company.

McDonald helped the OSI group open eight factories in China. This was very strategic as China has been the largest consumer market due to its large population. With new facilities and strategies, David believes that China will be the biggest producer of poultry soon. OSI group in 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, provided 113 tons of five types of food; chicken, eggs, pork, beef and processed onions.

McDonald has ensured that in their operations, they have to use a management that understands local culture and what customers locally want. This helps in developing local strategies that perfectly address the local customers need. Therefore, developing products that will be absorbed locally easily and fast. This ensures sustainability as products they produce are preferences of the local clients. David ensures that the company is adaptable to change so that it can remain relevant in the meat and food processing industry.

OSI Group has acquired many food processing companies with the help of McDonald. He investigates the food industry globally and identifies some businesses that OSI group can buy and collaborate with to enhance expansion. In the Process, OSI Group acquired Baho Foods; Netherlands manufacturer of deli meat, snacks and convenience foods. This was a great move, and McDonald said that it was a great move which will make OSI Group presence in Europe stronger. Baho Foods had subsidiary processing plants in Netherlands and Germany and this broadened OSI Group market base.

David McDonald’s contribution to OSI Group success is evident. His hard work, entrepreneur skills, determination, and knowledge are the fundamental pillars of improving OSI group performance globally. Working as a team player has helped him achieve what he has today.