Andrew Rolfe, Leading Successor and Chairman of the Ubuntu Funds.

The Ubuntu Education Fund’s chairman, Andrew Rolfe, has successfully held the Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala in London. Raising more than £603,000, the money raised will be used to help over 400 disadvantaged people in Africa in a mission to provide aid and a sustainable living environment for proper quality education and health care. A program for underprivileged children was held at the Port Elizabeth campus to help the children according to their health and education needs to prepare them for a steady career by the time they reach their teens.

Andrew Rolfe welcomed the 300 guests to the gala with delightful culinary meals and Xhosa corals, followed by moving speeches from South African Guests, including Sinesipho Rabidyani and Nozible Qamngana. Sineshipo overwhelmed the crowd and stole the show of great her life has changed with the help of the Ubuntu Fund. She thanked the Ubuntu Fund for helping her to escape an abusive home and receiving psychological support and quality education. She continued to credit the Ubuntu Fund for helping her to enrol into Law School, which resulted into allowing Sineshipo to convince her mother to leave her abusive and alcoholic father.

The result of Sineshipo’s speech created a lively auction, with some donors included a portrait by Nelson Makamo, paintings by Dom Pattinson, and a South African adventure holiday. Jacob Lief, the Founder and CEO of the Ubuntu Fund concluded the evening’s formality with a speech from his experience in helping South African children from the organisation’s start in Port Elizabeth for 20 years.

With the help of Andrew Rolfe, the Ubuntu Education Fund’s has achieved in providing early childhood support, quality education with additional mentorship and psychological support, healthcare and vocational training. The Ubuntu Fund has been recognised as the leading charitable organisation for a sustainable development.

Andrew Rolfe belief’s in the organisation strongly people to know that children still deserve to have educational rights and a peaceful environment to live. He continues to lead and support the Ubuntu Education Funds in hopes to aid as many children as possible.