Coriant’s New CEO Is Sure to Usher in a Bright Future


It might seem impossible to predict the future of any given company. But Coriant’s new CEO is demonstrating why there are some things which allow one to predict a company’s future. This is because the new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, has an extensive history of success within the tech sector. And for a variety of different reasons he seems like a perfect match for Coriant.

The first thing to understand about Shaygan Kheradpir is that he’s had a wide and varied background. So wide and varied that he’s managed to create contacts all over the industry. This is one of the most important reasons why it’s clear that he’s going to start out running. He’s already established a strong working relationship with the senior executives within Coriant. Before coming on as the CEO of Coriant he worked with them as the Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners. This is one of those items which might seem good from an outside perspective but which hint at amazing things when one really understands the nature of the industry.

Communication is central to any company. But the tech industry in particular requires an ability to rapidly discuss a variety of often quite complex topics. Being able to make firm business decisions is obviously as important in the tech sector as it is anywhere else. But it’s complicated by a need to also take in rather obscure topics and ideas and disseminate the core concepts to other executives. It’s quite clear that Kheradpir has demonstrated an aptitude for this process which impressed everyone he worked with at Coriant. As such it’s a safe assumption that this will have impressive real world results.

This also leads into another reason why Kheradpir is such a good match for the company. Communication is essential at the top. But communication needs to be a fully company wide process. The information within a meeting of engineers needs to have the relevant details make their way to the executives who control funding and business strategy. The same goes for programmers and all of the other talent within a company. But all of these jobs come with very specific ways of looking at the world. They have different developmental methodologies, different use of linguistic jargon, and it goes on and on. Kheradpir has had over 28 years of executive experience within the tech industry. And during that time he’s had the chance to work within a wide variety of different areas. This provides him with a scope of experience that allows him to instantly grasp the nature of various projects. This in turn allows him to make rapid and effective decisions with that information. It’s the perfect match for a company like Coriant which has such a diverse line of high tech specialities.



New Scholarship Launched in Uncommon Schools

I have always been a proponent of helping students receive scholarships because I feel that many students never get the good opportunities they deserve. Often times if you take the time to really evaluate the opportunities being given to students you will realize that the ones who take advantage of the opportunities are often times the people who don’t need the extra finances because their parents can afford to pay out of pocket for college and yet these students still apply just because they choose to take advantage of the things and situations others are too ashamed to take advantage of.

As I’ve watched several of my friends have to work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet my heart hurts for them because I know first hand how hard it can be to juggle a full time or even part time job while attending college. Because I know this struggle first hand I have made it my duty to find scholarships for not only my friends but my family member’s who are in search of ways to pay for college.

A new scholarship initiative was recently launched by Keith Mann in partnership with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York. You see Uncommon Schools was created as an avenue to help students who are less fortunate. Being the builder of leaders that they are Keith Mann used his business Dynamic Search Partners as a launching pad to help them as they helped students go off and pursue college degrees. In order to be eligible you you must write an essay about how receiving this scholarship will help you.

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Eric Pulier and the Starlight Foundation

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author that is involved with many different nonprofit organizations from around the world that utilize technology to help improve the world for a better tomorrow. One of the endeavors that Eric is involved with and one that he donated capital to in order to help it succeed is the Starlight Foundation. The Starlight Foundation is dedicated to providing a new form of interaction to adolescents suffering from chronic illnesses. Eric created a virtual world known as Starbright World which received international media coverage when Al Gore and Steven Spielberg personally attended and participated in the ribbon cutting at the launch event. The Starbright World is an amazing social platform specifically developed to be used by children suffering from chronic illnesses. This private social media platform allows for these children to connect with other children that share similar experiences as them.

Eric oversaw the project from inception to implementation. Eric worked closely with Steven Spielberg on this project as Spielberg served as a chairman of the project. This virtual environment was linked to 75 different hospitals across the United States and included a video conferencing network and a real-time game like virtual environment for users to interact in. Under the Starlight Foundation Eric Pulier also took on another philanthropist project which was to create a series of learning modules for children with diabetes. This game allows for children with diabetes to see firsthand what is occurring in their blood due to sugar levels and how their diet affects their health. The Starbright Diabetes Experience was one of the first games ever published that was specifically focused on teaching children about illnesses that they suffer from. This is just one incredible foundation that Eric is involved with. To learn more check out his website at

Norka Luque – Popular Venezuelan Singer and Producer of Hit Song Milagro

Norka Luque has been fortunate enough to experience much success in her career as a singer. This has also been with the guidance of Emilio Estefan, Jr. The connection proved to be invaluable for her success in the Music industry. She is a dreamer whom discovered her passion for music at a young age. With this passion, Norka seeks to spread a message of positivity. Her goal with her music is to send a message of hope. This message is designed to reach individuals whom are struggling with personal crises. She has also studied Business in France with additional degrees in culinary arts, fashion, and marketing. Her realizations have allowed her to value life and music in order to inspire others. The performance came as a result of the love and support of her parents, whom saw potential in Norka as she began her musical career with voice lessons which were provided to her by her parents. Norka Luque thus decided to pursue this childhood passion as her career.

Norka’s music combines sounds from many different cultures. The idea is to create a beautiful message which will resonate with people from across the globe. Her biggest hit was Milagro, which combined sounds from Latin America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Reggae music. Her fans enjoyed the combination of cultures into the single hit song. Milagro has proven to be a major hit in the US, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. This fusion is a reoccurring theme in all of her songs, as they all combine various sounds for a fusion of funky beats. Milagro was a funky song with plenty of great beats that captured audiences across the globe.

Norka Luque also performed at the Billboard Bash music show that was broadcasted on Telemundo. Her performance was stellar at the Billboard Bash. This was the perfect opportunity for her to showcase her talent among some of the great acts in Latin music. As she is still a young woman, Norka Luque more than likely has a bright future ahead of her as a singer. She will be able to advance her career at a rapid pace and gain additional notoriety for her works.

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