Kim Dao’s Last Day in Denmark, Preparing to Go to Forence

Kim Dao began her last morning in Denmark eating breakfast at a restaurant called Vanilla where she ordered a Vanilla Brunch. Vanilla Brunch has bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, toast and ham, jam, Brie cheese, yogurt, and pancakes with maple syrup. After brunch, Kim Dao headed back to her cousin’s house to do some last minute packing before heading to the airport. Kim Dao’s cousin Bobby drove her to the airport. They were going to Florence together. Learn more:


Kim Dao had a half an hour to spare, so they went to buy a Pokémon game and some poker boards before heading to the airport. Kim Dao took the flight from Denmark to Germany, but she missed her flight to Florence ,Italy because the Air Berlin flight was delayed a half an hour. Dao was going to have to stay in a hotel and leave the next day for Florence. It was a nuisance because Ms. Dao booked a car, and then she had to change the plans. Air Berlin promised to give Dao a refund. Air Berlin put their passengers up in a hotel and gave them dinner. Kim Dao had some sort of fried fish and French fries. Learn more:


Air Berlin told their passengers to Florence, Italy that the plane would leave at 9:30 in the morning. Kim Dao wanted an earlier flight. The plane was not due to arrive in Florence until 11 at night. Learn more: