Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Not Afraid to Compete with Amazon

The online apparel market is littered with businesses who thought they could compete with Amazon on one level or another. Regardless if you lower your prices or increase customer service, Amazon simply continues to make 20 percent of all the online apparel sales year after year. One company is not afraid to go after the retail giant, and they are closing the gap faster than anyone could have predicted. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics not only is moving to pass Amazon in sales of women’s active-wear, they are looking to build on their $250 million in sales they accomplished in only three short years.


When Hudson was asked to share some of the secrets to the success of her athleisure brand, she gladly talks about only two aspects of her company, reverse showrooming and her membership perks plan. Hudson says by focusing on these two areas, her company has been able to bridge the gap to Amazon faster than any could have imagined. Look at what is happening inside the Fabletics retail shops in any mall, you see women of every size and age trying on all the workout apparel, window-shopping, and even taking the Lifestyle Quiz offered by the company to enhance membership perks.


To the surprise of the competition, many shoppers actually leave the store without busing anything. Hudson says that is just fine!


The reason shoppers leave the Fabletics retail stores empty-handed is because they know each of the pieces they wore inside the store was instantly uploaded to their online account. That means they can continue on with their busy day, then hit the online site and just keep shopping. Since they now know how each piece fits, they can shop confidently and grab new colors, styles, or arrivals, and fill the cart with far more than they would have considered buying at the mall.


The Fabletics customer is being pampered every step of the buying process, and it has certainly been a key to the explosion in growth of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Each member is given free shipping for all their online orders, they are offered preferred member discounts throughout the year, and they even get the assistance of their very own personal shopping assistant. This is no ordinary shopping experience, Hudson has found a way to keep the customer engaged and happy either in the mall or at the online site.


Amazon and eBay are not set up to pamper in this manner, part of the reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is poised for big things this year.