The Expansive H.C.M Charitable Giving Program

Following the expansion of Highland Capital Management (HCM) charitable giving program, the firm has teamed up with Linda Owen, who will provide strategic direction. She will be the charitable giving manager and will work together with the Dallas Foundation to administer HCM’s charitable giving fund. Linda is a professional who will ensure the firm’s contribution make a great impact in the society. Dallas Foundation improves life in North Texas by bringing together donors who help support veterans’ causes, healthcare and education and the Dallas Community. The foundation award grants to agencies in education, health, animal welfare and social services.

HCM contributes more than $ 3 Million per year to charitable organizations through the Dallas Foundation. The beneficiaries of the charitable acts are Center for Brain Health, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Dallas Zoo and American Heart Association among others. The HCM employees go beyond funding the Organization by providing board services and other leadership functions.

Linda, a Dallas Civic leader, is optimistic to work with such employees to bring a tangible difference in the community. She has a record of building effective public-private partnerships and as president of the Woodall Rodger Park Foundation, she oversaw development of Klyde Warren Park. She holds a BA in Economics from University of Texas and a JD from University of Texas School of Law. She has been involved in philanthropic organisations such as The Family Place, Crystal Charity Ball and Circuit Trail Conservancy.

HCM is the largest and most experienced asset and credit managers. It was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada and manages over $17 Billion of assets. HCM specialises in Collateralized Loan Obligations, long and short equities, hedge funds, distressed and special situation private equity, natural resources and long-only funds among others. Their clients are financial institutions, governments, high-net-worth individuals and fund of funds among others.

James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management and is highly experienced in investing and credit and equity markets. He is a Certified Management Accountant, a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. James previously worked as a Portfolio Manager and a Corporate Bond Analyst at American Express. He is a board member of Cornerstone Healthcare, American Banknote and M.G.M Studios. He is a philanthropist and supports many initiatives.

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New Scholarship Launched in Uncommon Schools

I have always been a proponent of helping students receive scholarships because I feel that many students never get the good opportunities they deserve. Often times if you take the time to really evaluate the opportunities being given to students you will realize that the ones who take advantage of the opportunities are often times the people who don’t need the extra finances because their parents can afford to pay out of pocket for college and yet these students still apply just because they choose to take advantage of the things and situations others are too ashamed to take advantage of.

As I’ve watched several of my friends have to work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet my heart hurts for them because I know first hand how hard it can be to juggle a full time or even part time job while attending college. Because I know this struggle first hand I have made it my duty to find scholarships for not only my friends but my family member’s who are in search of ways to pay for college.

A new scholarship initiative was recently launched by Keith Mann in partnership with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York. You see Uncommon Schools was created as an avenue to help students who are less fortunate. Being the builder of leaders that they are Keith Mann used his business Dynamic Search Partners as a launching pad to help them as they helped students go off and pursue college degrees. In order to be eligible you you must write an essay about how receiving this scholarship will help you.

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John Goullet- Bringing Equality to IT

From humble beginnings to the top of the information technology industry John Goullet has sought to bring equality to the IT marketplace. While John Goullet has had several successful business ventures it is his most recent that has brought him the most notoriety. As Chairman and Principal of Diversant, LLC, a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and America’s largest African-American owned IT staffing firm, Goullet continues to bring success to those around him. HIs passion for meeting the ever changing challenges of the IT marketplace and his passion for developing new and diverse ways to face those challenges lead him to his decision to join forces with Gene Waddy to form Diversant, LLC.

Mr. Goullet initially started his career as an information technology (IT) consultant before working his way up the corporate ladder and establishing his own IT staffing company, Info Technologies, Inc. in 1994. As Chief Executive Officer of Info Technologies, his first major business venture was a thriving success. Info Technologies, an IT staffing company, grew so well it garnered the number eight spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing privately held firms in the U.S. and received multiple business awards. With his ongoing drive and passion for IT, Goullet merged Info Technologies, Inc. with Waddy’s Diversant, Inc. to form Diversant, LLC.

Mr. Goullet continues his dream of providing top-notch IT services and support by using his understanding of market trends, client personalities and needs, and consultant skill sets to meet the ever evolving demand of the information technology marketplace.

Eric Pulier and the Starlight Foundation

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author that is involved with many different nonprofit organizations from around the world that utilize technology to help improve the world for a better tomorrow. One of the endeavors that Eric is involved with and one that he donated capital to in order to help it succeed is the Starlight Foundation. The Starlight Foundation is dedicated to providing a new form of interaction to adolescents suffering from chronic illnesses. Eric created a virtual world known as Starbright World which received international media coverage when Al Gore and Steven Spielberg personally attended and participated in the ribbon cutting at the launch event. The Starbright World is an amazing social platform specifically developed to be used by children suffering from chronic illnesses. This private social media platform allows for these children to connect with other children that share similar experiences as them.

Eric oversaw the project from inception to implementation. Eric worked closely with Steven Spielberg on this project as Spielberg served as a chairman of the project. This virtual environment was linked to 75 different hospitals across the United States and included a video conferencing network and a real-time game like virtual environment for users to interact in. Under the Starlight Foundation Eric Pulier also took on another philanthropist project which was to create a series of learning modules for children with diabetes. This game allows for children with diabetes to see firsthand what is occurring in their blood due to sugar levels and how their diet affects their health. The Starbright Diabetes Experience was one of the first games ever published that was specifically focused on teaching children about illnesses that they suffer from. This is just one incredible foundation that Eric is involved with. To learn more check out his website at

Norka Luque – Popular Venezuelan Singer and Producer of Hit Song Milagro

Norka Luque has been fortunate enough to experience much success in her career as a singer. This has also been with the guidance of Emilio Estefan, Jr. The connection proved to be invaluable for her success in the Music industry. She is a dreamer whom discovered her passion for music at a young age. With this passion, Norka seeks to spread a message of positivity. Her goal with her music is to send a message of hope. This message is designed to reach individuals whom are struggling with personal crises. She has also studied Business in France with additional degrees in culinary arts, fashion, and marketing. Her realizations have allowed her to value life and music in order to inspire others. The performance came as a result of the love and support of her parents, whom saw potential in Norka as she began her musical career with voice lessons which were provided to her by her parents. Norka Luque thus decided to pursue this childhood passion as her career.

Norka’s music combines sounds from many different cultures. The idea is to create a beautiful message which will resonate with people from across the globe. Her biggest hit was Milagro, which combined sounds from Latin America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Reggae music. Her fans enjoyed the combination of cultures into the single hit song. Milagro has proven to be a major hit in the US, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. This fusion is a reoccurring theme in all of her songs, as they all combine various sounds for a fusion of funky beats. Milagro was a funky song with plenty of great beats that captured audiences across the globe.

Norka Luque also performed at the Billboard Bash music show that was broadcasted on Telemundo. Her performance was stellar at the Billboard Bash. This was the perfect opportunity for her to showcase her talent among some of the great acts in Latin music. As she is still a young woman, Norka Luque more than likely has a bright future ahead of her as a singer. She will be able to advance her career at a rapid pace and gain additional notoriety for her works.

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Thor Halversson Founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Works Tirelessly for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is starting to gain some momentum and notoriety, as a man who fully supports the cause he is campaigning for. Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, and organization that is dedicated to championing against human rights violations accross the globe.


Halvorssen is so dedicated and so tireless in his pursuit to end tyranny and the human rights violations they commit that he has been branded a “troublemaker for tyrants”. Halvorssen has a long history of advocating for human rights, and is partly because of his personal and family history. The 39 year old Halvorssen, is half Norwegian and half Venezualan. He was born and raised in Caracass. His mother was decendand from Venzuala’s first president Crystobal Mendoza, as well as Simon “The Liberator” Bolivar, but it is not his just his linage that makes him so passionate.


Born and raised in Caracas, he knows first hand what kind of human rights violations occur when living under a dictatorship. Halvorssen’s father was taken as a political prisoner when he was a young boy, and his mother was shot during a protest for her beliefs. He also has experienced the shortages, power outages, and long lines for essential services that many Venezuelan’s are subject to.


Thor Halvorssen is said to be so dedicated to the cause that he supports that he spends all of his time on the road, and barely takes a break to sleep or eat. He is more concerned about spending every bit of his time and energy fighting for the cause that he believes in. His foundation has been effective, too.


In 2012, Gary Kasparov, chess champion and then chairman of HRF was arrested during a protest after Pussy Riot, an all female punk band was arrested for the crime of singing an anti-Putin song. HRF did not single handedly get the women released, but the widespread attention they received after the protests did not hurt.


Halvorssen himself is not afraid of getting involved either. He and a cameraman interviewed Thich Quang Do, the patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, whose church had been banned. As reward for his trouble, Halvorssen was attacked and beaten, but he has never been deterred from his cause.

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Growing Students’ Mindset via ClassDojo’s PERTS Amination

ClassDojo is an online platform that helps teachers, parents, and students to bring classroom moments at close range. It is an online podium that enhances skill and culture improvement through assisting the student to build critical skills. The online platform includes significant features that enable student share Photos and Videos and thus they can invite parents in sharing classroom moments.
ClassDojo has received a warm reception by the teachers and Students that they term results into happier classrooms. According to ClassDojo, in the United States, the platform had been already subscribed by 85,000 teachers covering both public and private schools across the US. Most teachers using ClassDojo are preferable teaching kindergarten at 8th level grade.
ClassDojo has developed an expansion plan that is targeting the App to reach more educators and parents within schools to improve cultural learning context through incorporating many players in the ClassDojo. The App ensure safety and secure serving and connecting with teachers as Liam Don outlines that privacy is the essential particularly when kids are involved, and it makes it crucial for parents to pay whenever they want to use the App so as to avoid automatic logging. To ensure quality and standardization, ClassDojo incorporated investors like Reach Capital, GSV, and Signal Fire.
ClassDojo was founded in 2011, and was opened in San Francisco raised an investment of approximately $31 Million and got accredited by education tech accelerator Imagine K12. ClassDojo series B development was led by General Catalyst that contributed to massive investment. The Catalyst Managing Director Mr. Hemant Taneja highlights the success of ClassDojo from the initial development as a behavioral platform to profound known as educational software.
ClassDojo unveiled an application that enabled more learning that is aimed and growing mindset. The application includes characters of Mojo and Katie from Cast of Pixar’s Inside out. It is a series of animated video running on ClassDojo platform dedicated to alleviating the growth of Mind within Parents, Teachers and students.
The series of animated video being firstly unveiled by San Francisco revealed the ideas, competencies and acumen should be ever evolving and not rooted rather can be further developed to accommodate strength over time. These animated videos are released with collaboration with Stanford University by developing Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS). PERTS was established within ClassDojo to promote motivation and resilience due to some teachers, parents and students are involved. The idea of growth Mindset is directed to adults’ educators who will disseminate the learning to kids.


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Say Goodbye To Doxxing

The internet has made the invasion of privacy much easier than before. Easy to find and even easier to use hacking tools make exposing the personal lives of web users much easier than before. Doxxing, the practice of exposing personal information about individual persons to ruin them, has almost become an accepted part of life. As quickly as doxxing has become a part of our lives it may soon become a thing of the past. Status Labs and it’s CEO Darius Fisher have found a way to prevent personal information from finding it’s way into the public through the internet. As the company builds a name for itself, public figures and laypersons alike are taking notice of their innovation.


Stories about doxxing can be found all over the internet. One particularly recent example is the story of University of Missouri professor Melissa Click. After a video clip of her going on a rant went viral, the University of Missouri’s Board of Curators voted to have her fired quickly to save face amidst the controversy the sprang up around her.

The way that Status Labs works it magic can be a little peculiar. In this digital age we live in, it’s important to know exactly what people see when searching for you on Google whether it’s an employer who’s looking into hiring you for a job or a potential groomer checking your past for a date. To help you keep your private life private, Status Labs uses SEO , or search engine optimization, techniques to help reduce the expose of your private information. It’s essentially the reversal of the same things many websites use to increase their presence on the internet. Follow Status Labs on Twitter @statuslabs to keep up with their news and updates.

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