Sentient AI multivariate testing

The business of marketing and content creation is booming. The best way to maximize your company’s potential is by testing your ideas and optimizing your pages for the best customer experience. How can you possibly have time or traffic to test all of your well thought out ideas? You could set aside a few years and test out all the possibilities. But, we all know this is an unrealistic and ineffective way to produce greater conversion and retention. You could invest a ton of money into employee retreats and think tanks to siphon out the best ideas. But, again, you still have to face the bottleneck of inevitable testing.

Sentient AI multivariate testing is a groundbreaking new technology that drives consumers to your business and keeps them coming back. It is one of the best kept secrets in the industry of online marketing. By leveraging powerful genetic algorithms, Sentient AI can test multiple variables at once. What might normally take your business years to test can be done in a single month. The best part is you can perform tests on the fly. As customers interact with your landing page and product pages the technology will learn and create responsive patterns to optimize the customers’ experience. It’s the most efficient and effective way to test all of your best ideas at one time. You can come out with the ideal customer journey from a few inputs.

Using Sentient AI multivariate testing, your team can focus on the important things like content creation, development, and product placement. The AI will factor in all of your marketing vectors and aid your team in creativity. The technology is dependent on human inputs, so it will serve as a support beam instead of a scaffold. The best online teams are already using Sentient AI multivariate testing.

Sentient AI is the world leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. By utilizing the power of genetic algorithms, they have driven business KPI ratings through the roof and have nearly perfected the art of conversion rate optimization. Marketers are able to carry out their testing phase 10 to 100 times faster than conventional methods. This increases lead flow, development productivity, revenue growth, creativity, and freedom. Your teams can copy, implement, redesign, and challenge their conventions to see which designs and products respond best to the market. For anyone in ecommerce, education, or development Sentient AI is a must.